Pre-arrival Essentials


This list is intended to help you when you are preparing to move to Finland. More detailed information on each topic can be found by clicking on the links on the left.

Official documents

  • Passport: Check that your passport is valid.
  • Entry permit: Apply for an entry permit to Finland (if the entry permit is required from you).
  • Legalised and translated certificates: Make sure that you have the official marriage certificate and birth certificates of children with you if you want to register your marital status and family ties.

Practical things to arrange

  • Travel arrangements: Make travel arrangements.
  • Housing: Arrange short-/long-term accommodation.
  • Currency: Please note that it is not possible to change foreign currency in Joensuu or Kuopio, so it is not advisable to bring foreign cash with you. If you can't exchange euros before coming to Finland, you can exchange currency at Helsinki airport or Forex branches. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted and cash can be withdrawn from ATMs.
  • Health insurance: Take out a health and travel insurance policy.
  • Schooling and childcare: Find out about and apply for childcare and schooling (if necessary).
  • Personal possessions and custom formalities: Arrange transport for personal possessions if applicable. Find out about the custom formalities concerning the import of pets, vehicles, foodstuff, medicine etc.

Health issues

  • Medical records and prescriptions: Bringing your medical records and your children's immunisation records is also recommended.  If you are on continuous medication, please make sure you will be able to get the appropriate medicine in Finland. You may check the availability of a specific medicine on the National Agency for Medicines website.
    If you have an illness that requires permanent medical treatment, it is advisable to bring the prescriptions with you.

Prepare yourself for life in Finland