Performance Appraisal Discussion

In line with the university's practice, supervisors conduct annual performance appraisal discussions with employees on a regular basis. Units may decide whether discussions are conducted separately or in connection with salary discussions.

For the employee, the performance appraisal discussion offers the possibility to influence one's work and matters common to the work community. The employee plays the key role in the discussion. The supervisor ensures that the work community's objectives and tasks are concretised and introduced at the personal level: everyone knows which part of the whole he/she is implementing. At the performance appraisal discussion, performance is analysed and one's own actions observed, and feedback is given by both parties. The discussion strengthens best practices and enables open and confidential handling of matters, which helps even latent abilities to be revealed. This influences the development of both an individual and the work community as a whole.

For further information, see Heimo.