Official Matters to Take Care of


After you have arrived in Finland, please find out which of the following registrations you are required to complete. For more information, please click on links below

Notification of Move

If you are staying in Finland for longer than three months, you are required to fill out a Notification of Move form. The notification of move must be received by the Local Register Office within a week of your move at the latest. You can pick up and return the filled out Notification of Move in any Post Office or Local Register Office.

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Notification of Move (

Registration of EU/EEA Citizens' Right to Reside in Finland

Staff members from the EU/EEA member states can enter Finland freely without a visa or residence permit. However, if you intend to live and work in Finland for longer than three months (90 days), you must register your right to reside in Finland at any service point of Finnish Immigration ServiceThe processing fee is €54. 

The EU citizen's registration of a right of residence is valid for the time being and does not require renewing. After five years' continuous residence in Finland, EU citizens are entitled to permanent residence.

Please note that citizens of the Nordic Countries do not need to register their right to residen in Finland, but if they stay in Finland for more than six months, they must register at a Local Register Office (Maistraatti).

How to register

1. Fill in the application carefully either online or using the paper application form.

2. You must visit one of the service point personally to prove your identity. Book an appointment with a Service Point of the Finnish Migration Service online at

3. Bring all your attachments with you. To register you need the following documents:

  • national proof of identity or passport
  • confirmation of the employment relationship or a certificate of employment issued by the employer
    • A precondition for registering a right of residence is that the applicant has sufficient income to support him/herself and his/her family. There is no exact amount for the income requirement. Individual circumstances of each applicant will be taken into consideration when making the decision.

Please note that if you travel abroad (crossing the border of Finland) within the first 90 days of your stay in Finland, the three month period will restart after you return to Finland. In this case please remember to save all your travel documents.

Service points of Finnish Immigration Service

Address: Asemakatu 38–40 (customer entrance Ajurinkatu 45), 70110 Kuopio
Open: Monday–Wednesday and Friday 8–16.15. Closed on Thursdays.

Other service points
Unfortunately there is no service point in Joensuu or Savonlinna. You can visit any of the service points. See the service points at


Registration of Non-EU Citizens

If you come from a non-EU country and have a valid residence permit, there is no need to register at service point of the Finnish Immigration Service. When you need to extend your residence permit, please contact Finnish Immigration Service about three months before your current permit expires.

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Registration of Foreigners at the Local Register Office (maistraatti)

Foreign citizens from all countries who intend to stay or work in Finland for at least one year or longer must register at the Local Register Office (Maistraatti). The Local Register Offices are the local population registration authorities in Finland. They maintain the population register and local information services. Registered data includes names, births, deaths, as well as foreigners' registration notifications and notifications of move. The information of registration is used for various purposes (e.g. elections, taxation, health care, judicial administration, statistical purposes).

To register you will need the following documents:

  • passport
  • valid residence permit / registration document of an EU citizen from the Finnish Immigration Service
  • possible certificate of marriage, and birth certificates of any children moving with you  if you wish to have your marital status and children officially registered (see Legalisation of documents)

Fill in and sign the form "The Registration Information of a Foreigner" and "Notification of Move" at the Local Register Office. After this you will receive a Personal Identity Code.

Local Register Offices (Maistraatit):

Address: Torikatu 36
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 09.00-16.00
Tel. +358 (0)2955 39511 (switchboard)
Email: info.ita-suomi(at)

Address: Puistokatu 29, PL 1348, 70101 Kuopio
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00
Tel: +358 ( 0)2955 39511
email: info.ita-suomi(at)

Further information:

Finnish Personal Identity Code

On the basis your registration at the Local Register Office (maistraatti), you will receive a Finnish personal identity code (henkilötunnus). The code is used for identification purposes, needed in such places as banks, hospitals and the registration offices of different authorities.

The personal identity code is more specific identification than just a name. Several people may have the exact same name but there are no two persons with exactly the same personal identity code. The code remains unchanged throughout the person's lifetime.

Finnish personal identity code - temporary stay (less than one year)

If you are working in Finland for a less than one year, you can get a personal identity code at a tax office on the condition that you need it for tax-related purposes.

When you go to the tax office, bring with you:

  • your passport or
  • identity card with your picture, if you are a citizen of an EU member state or Nordic country,
  • residence permit, if you need one,
  • certificate of registration of an EU citizen's right to reside issued by Migri, if you are an EU citizen,
  • employment contract or other written account of the terms of your employment.

Municipality of Residence

Municipalities are responsible for providing their residents with statutory basic services (health and welfare services, education, child care ect.). Those who are registered to have a municipality of residence (place of domicile) in Finland are, for example, entitled to use municipal health care services in the same way and at the same price as the local population.

In order to get a municipality of residence in Finland, you must move to Finland permanently. Permanent residence can be indicated in the following ways:

  • you have a job in Finland and your employment contract is valid for at least two years
  • you are studying in Finland and your studies take at least two years
  • you are of Finnish origin
  • you have previously had a municipality of residence in Finland
  • you have continuously resided in Finland for at least one year

If you are entitled to a municipality of residence, it can be registered to you at the same as you are completing the registration of a foreigner at the Local Register Office.

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