It is important to arrange accommodation in advance. You should start making housing arrangements as soon as your stay at the University of Eastern Finland has been officially agreed.

Short-term accommodation

Even if you are planning a long-term stay, it might be useful to book short-term accommodation at first. Staying in a local hotel/hostel will allow you to get to know the city better and you can get a feel for the local areas and transport connections to the university, city centre and other essential locations.

The University of Eastern Finland has got a limited number of guest rooms and one guest apartment at the Kuopio Campus and guest apartments in Joensuu. The price of the rooms/apartments is €185-350 per week including furniture, cleaning and utility bills. The university's guest rooms and apartments are very popular, so making an early reservation is recommended.

Alternatively you may wish to book short-term accommodation in a local hotel, hostel or Airbnb. For further details, please visit the following websites:

Long-term Accommodation

Rented housing can be found via the city, estate agents or private landlords. You can find housing advertisements in the Internet and in the local newspapers. Consulting your colleagues is recommended too. Your colleagues may have some useful tips on issues such as transport, shops and services, schools and childcare etc.

Tenancy agreements are typically signed for a minimum of 12 months. This means that the agreement cannot be terminated during the first year. Making shorter tenancy agreements can be difficult. Apartments are usually rented unfurnished, which means that you need to buy/bring furniture, cooking ware and textiles etc. yourself. However, fitted clothes and kitchen cabinet and cupboards, refrigerator and stove are always included in the rent.

In order to rent an apartment, a security deposit is usually required. This deposit is usually equivalent to 1-3 months' rent. The deposit will be returned to you when you move out of the apartment, provided that you have paid the rent, kept the apartment in good condition and cleaned the apartment thoroughly.

Joensuu - see also nationwide property rental sites

Kotimaailma  Site available in Finnish and English
Apartamentos Joensuu  Furnished apartments, site available in Finnish, English and Russian
VVO & Lumo apartments in Joensuu
• Joensuun Kodit  (Fin, Eng, Rus)
• OVV-asuntopalvelut
• Joensuun Elli Student Housing Company- For undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students (Fin, Eng)

Kuopio- See also the description of the districts in Kuopio and see also nationwide property rental sites

• Kuopio Student Housing Company, Kuopas - Mainly for undergraduate and graduate students. Postgraduate students can also apply but priority is given to undergraduate and graduate students
Kuopion Nuppineula (studios, one and two bedroom flats, only in Finnish)
Tekma housing (shared, single and family apartments)
Niiralan Kulma Oy (only in Finnish)
VVO & Lumo apartments in Kuopio
Vuokrakonsultti (only in Finnish)
• Kiinteistö KYS
• OVV-asuntopalvelut
• Forenom -Offers also furnished apartments

Nationwide property rental sites:

• Vuokraovi  – Portal for rented housing (Fin, Eng)
• Oikotie - Oikotie is a portal for renting apartments and selling apartments and cars. (Fin)
Tori – Online forum for selling for all kinds of items, also advertisements for rented apartments. (Fin)
Asuntovuokraus.fi - Realia Asuntovuokraus is responsible for the leasing of Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company's flats (Fin)

See also

 Information on rental housing in Finland (vuokraturva.fi)
• Finding housing in Finland (expat-finland.fi)
Rental dwelling in Finland (infopankki.fi
Real estate terms Finnish-English  (expat-finland.fi)
• Act of Residential Leases (finlex.fi)