Course: Scientific Writing Skills, June 11-13, 2018, Joensuu M100 and Kuopio (SN201, video connection)

Course: Scientific Writing Skills, June 11-13, 2018, Joensuu M100 and Kuopio (SN201, video connection) 





June 11-13, 2018, JOENSUU (M100) and KUOPIO (SN201, video connection)


Register to the course: http://cs.uef.fi/sciteco/SciWri2018/

Deadline to register: 4.6.2018


"Be Published or Not, Reviewers Decide.

 Be Cited or Not, Readers Decide"

 - Jean-Luc Lebrun






- Early-stage researchers (PhD students) - primary target group

- Post-doctoral researchers, PhD supervisors, Professors

- Other UEF staff interested in improving their scientific writing skills




Jean-Luc Lebrun is a well-known instructor of scientific writing and presentation skills at various institutes in Singapore, Italy, Poland and Finland. He may not teach grammar or punctuation rules but, instead, how to write papers that are READER-FRIENDLY. This includes questions like choosing a good manuscript title, how to write clear abstract, introduction, how to structure your paper and how to make sure that the reader's interest is maintained throughout the text by writing fluid sentences. Lebrun is known for his innovative, dynamic and humorous way of teaching, stemming from his life-long international experience as an instructor, writer and research director.




During the course, the participants will work with their own manuscripts utilizing freely available Scientific Writing AssistaNt (SWAN) tool: http://cs.uef.fi/swan/. You will probably find many surprises from your own manuscripts in this highly interactive course. The course is recommended especially for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers but professors, supervisors and generally everyone interested in learning to write clear, concise, convincing and interesting scientific text are also welcomed!




PhD students will get 2 credit points (ECTS) eligible for PhD studies.




The course is organized by the Doctoral Programme in Science, Technology and Computing (SCITECO) of the UEF. The local organizer is the School of Computing. Further details from the course page, or from the local organizers.


Associate Prof. Tomi Kinnunen (tkinnu@cs.uef.fi)

Dr. Oili Kohonen (okohonen@cs.uef.fi)


Course e-mail: sciwri2018@cs.uef.fi 

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