Extraordinary General Meeting 2016



25 May 2016


Kuopio SN300 and Joensuu CK216

17:00 hrs.


  • Opening the meeting
  • Election of chairperson, secretary, two examiners of the minutes and their deputies, and two or three counters of votes and their deputies for the meeting.
  • Confirmation of the legitimacy and quorum.
  • Approving the agenda for the meeting
  • Presenting the financial statement, annual report and auditors’ statement(s)
  • Deciding on confirming the financial statement, and discharging the board and other accountable from liability
  • Confirming the action plan and budget for 2016.
  • Electing two (2) auditors, the first deputy auditor, and the second deputy auditor for the ongoing financial year
    • Timo Voipio (auditor) will keep his position for the new year. Niina's friend wanted to be second auditor.
Two new people necessary for Björn and Anu's positions (second auditor and first and second deputy auditor) 1)
    • Note that a third GM must be organized if we cannot fill these positions during this EGM
  • Approving Sara Fraccastoro as new board member (pending from last AGM) and removing Dinara Karimova from the board, as she will be away most of the year in Kazakhstan.
  • Presentation of few of the results from our Annual survey and brief discussion. The board, Hana and Katinka intend to organize a Researcher's get together or debate seminar about the results. Members could express their opinion about what are the main issues and how to show them to the Administration.
  • Proper invitation to the Annual BBQ in Joensuu.
  • Considering the other issues mentioned in the invitation to the meeting
  • Closing the meeting

1) Note: Finnish legislation states that the auditor may not be a sibling, spouse (including cohabiting, unmarried partners) or a direct descendant (or parent, grandparent etc) of a member of the board or anyone trusted with the finances of the association.