Sarah Green has been Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Helsinki since August 2012, having moved there from the University of Manchester. She has focused her research on issues relating to border dynamics and to questions of space, place and location more widely since the early 1990s. Before that, she focused on issues relating to the politics of gender and sexuality and to the relationship between new information and communications technologies and people's everyday experiences of social location.

Sarah Green has carried out ethnographic fieldwork in the Balkan region (Greek-Albanian border area), in the Aegean, in the Peloponnese (southern Greece), as well as in London and Manchester. She is the Chair of EastBordNet ( ), a 27-country research network studying border regions across the eastern peripheries of Europe. She has published widely on borders issues, with the most recent book, Borderwork, being a joint project between herself, a team of EastBordNet researchers and a Finnish photographer, Lena Malm (see