Welcome to the TowardsLCS website!

On this website you can find information on the project TowardsLCS.

TowardsLCS is an acronym for  an international project, which is developing studies in order to achieve a low-carbon society. The project, entitled On the way towards a low-carbon society – Increasing professionalism in land use and landscape management within climate change.

The project will bring together academics, other experts and degree students from three partner countries Finland, Poland and Spain. Three academic institutions (University of Eastern Finland, Adam Mickiewicz University, University of Girona) and six organisations dealing with land use issues will collaborate closely in order to combine working life based issues with the latest research. The overall aim of the project is to create and empower higher education structures, which will achieve professionalism in the management of land use and landscape issues targeting the idea of a low-carbon society and, hence, preventing climate change.