Study Outcomes


In this page you can find the study outcomes of the Joensuu pilot course. These outcomes are in a form of posters.


The bioenergy group task was to figure out how to promote Bioenergy in the North Karelia. You can find their answer underneath.



The ecosystem services group task was to figure out how to incentivize low carbon land use by regulation without over-burdening individual actors – a research approach for forest ecosystems in Joensuu. Check their answer!

Ecosystem services


The low carbon cities and villages group job was to find out what kind of methods both cities and villages could find useful when enhancing low carbon societies. You can find their solution underneath!

Low carbon cities and villages


This group was dealing whit new innovations of the bioeconomy. Their job was to figure out how to promote use of low carbon products. You can find their poster underneath.

New products of bioeconomy


The wooden manufacturing group concentrated on wooden buildings and furniture. Their task was to figure out how to cut down carbon dioxide emissions whit wooden manufacturing cost efficiently. Check their solution.

Wooden manufacturing


The woodland management group task was to find out how we can promote low carbon forest ownership. Check their answer underneath.

Woodland management