Joint E+ HE Fair, Poznan, June 26th-27th 2018

Pilot course in Joensuu,  February 2018

The third pilot course will be held in Joensuu region, North Karelia,  Finland 5-15th   February 2017. 

You can find the study outcomes here

Pilot course in Girona,  May 2017

The second pilot course will be held in Girona region in Catalonia, Spain 7-20th   May 2017. 

Description of learning outcomes, approaches and course content can be found here (pdf)


Pilot course in Poznan, October 2016

The first of the three pilot courses (Learning activities) was held 10.-20.10.2016 in Poznan, Poland. Altogether 23 students were attending the course from all the three partner countries.

Newsletter, April 2016

The Newsletter is released in pdf-format here.

Timetable for Pilot cources

  1. in Poznan, Poland, on 10.-21. October 2016
  2. in Girona, Catalonia/Spain, on May 2017
  3. in Joensuu, Finland, on February 2018

Project Meeting was held in Poznan 16-17th March

University partners gathered together to analyse the results of the study and start to define the learning outcomes for pilot courses and plan the first pilot to be held in Poland in October 2016.

Survey on "The required competences in fostering development towards low carbon society" 4-10th March 2016

As a part of our first Intellectual Output "Competence Analysis", we are running a survey in all the participating countries/regions at the beginning of March 2016. Since our Kick off Meeting we have been mapping the competences of needed in the field of environmental governance. With this survey we are asking experts to anticipate how important those competences are. By using the outcomes this study we are going to define the learning outcomes for the curriculum of the studies in this TowardsLCS project and also in the longer run in our Higher Education Institutions.

Kick off meeting 9-10th November 2015

The Kick off meeting was held in Niittyranta, Joensuu. Representatives of every partner, alltogether 12 participants gathered together to kick TowardsLCS project ahead.

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