What kind of students graduate from Tourism Marketing and Management?

Students graduating from Tourism Marketing and Management have an in-depth understanding of tourism business and especially about the risks and opportunities in the field. They know central theoretical frameworks, models, and tools of tourism business and can apply them in practice to develop the field and businesses in a sustainable way. Our students are team players who can work with people from all over the world in virtual and real-world environments to solve advanced business challenges in a creative way.

Our students have skills and knowledge to identify and find solutions for even the most difficult tourism business-related problems. They have specialized in nature, wellbeing, and sustainable tourism as well as digital technologies. They understand the role of research, data, and information when making decisions and plans in tourism business and can adapt to the rapidly changing business situations. Our students can conduct analytical, methodologically reliable and practically valuable research to support decision-making processes in tourism businesses and academia.

Tourism Marketing and Management students have a profound understanding of the tourism industry, its challenges, and possibilities. They are motivated to constantly learn and try out and test new things. They are resourceful, efficient and enthusiastic people with high work morale not afraid of new challenges. Our students have worked with real businesses and destinations during their studies and are able to find relevant employment in tourism marketing and management through their and program’s networks or continue to doctoral studies. 

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