Tunniste / Course Code


Nimi / Name

Tourism promotion at a travel fair 3-6 ECTS

Laajuus / ECTS

3-6 ECTS

Tyyppi  / Level

Master’s level /


project work

Opinto-oikeus / Right to study

Tourism marketing and management master’s students

Suositeltu suoritusaika / Recommended object time

during the master’s studies

Tuntimäärä / Hours


Arvostelu / Grading


Vastuuyksikkö / Responsible department

Business School

Opettajat / Teacher

Henna Konu, Juho Pesonen


Kuvaus / Syllabus:


Osaamistavoitteet (pakollinen) / Learning outcomes (compulsory)

Knowledge related: Student can

-understand and elaborate the role of travel fairs in tourism marketing

-understand and explain the meaning of travel fairs to different stakeholders in the industry

Skills related: Student can

- plan and organize data collection for tourism research project at a travel fair

- define and identify relevant information related to the data collection

- describe, report and justify your choices in data collection and evaluate the process

- schedule and organize your time for the needed activities




Sisältö (pakollinen) / Content

  • Communicating within your student group and with other stakeholders
  • Reporting data collection activities and process
  • Collecting and classifying collected data for research purposes.


Suoritustavat (pakollinen) / Teaching Methods

- participation and report of a travel fair-project in collaboration with teachers and other students

Toteutustavat / Study Modes

  • participation at a fair (e.g. Matka, ITB) in a group, with shared responsibilities and tasks
  • reporting of the results of the participation project

Oppimateriaalit / Study Materials

Study materials assigned based on each travel fair case purpose.

Arvosteluperusteet (pakollinen) / Assessment


Edellytykset / Prerequisites:

Bachelor degree


Ajankohta / Time

on demand

Tarjontatieto / Level

Tourism marketing and management master’s students

Avainsanat / Key words

travel fair

Kampus / Campus


Lisätietoja/ Further information

Language: English