The Finnish education system is often regarded as one of the best in the world.  How we do education is a bit different from many other countries. There are some things that our students should be prepared for when they join our programme.

Tourism Marketing studies in Finland

We are a team

We aim to keep the power level between the students and the staff as low as possible. The professors and other staff work together with the students to make tourism better. Many of our courses and assignments have goals that need the expertise and work of both staff and students. You are required to call the teachers by their first name and you can come and talk with the staff anytime you want to. You can dress as you like and be who you like to be, it does not matter as long as you work for our Tourism Marketing and Management team. 


We need and listen to student feedback

We value student feedback a great deal and encourage our students to say what is on their mind. If you feel like an assignment does not lead to learning goals or if there is something wrong with the course schedule, we value your feedback. A good example of what student feedback means to us is our annual feedback survey (  We do not only listen to our students but act and even change our curriculum accordingly.


We are a really small programme

There are only four teachers working in the programme. This means that we get to know each other really well. There are of course plenty of guest lecturers from Finland and all over the world. We also have limited resources compared to more established and larger programmes, but also our class size is really small. We accept only around 15 students each year, which enables us to keep the class size small and give personalized learning experience. 


You have to learn to manage yourself and your timetables

Our programme has set out learning goals for skills and knowledge you should have when you graduate. Each course has individual knowledge and skill goals that we expect our students to have. We offer plenty of materials, guidance, assistance, and ideas to reach those goals, but we cannot do the learning for our students. Our students are responsible for their own timetables and their workload management. It is an important exercise for the future and an extremely useful skill to have.  


We work a lot and learn a lot

Our degree takes two years to finish. The first year is reserved for studying our core topics and for doing our own courses. We have a lot to learn during that first year and you have to expect to be working hard during your first year of studies from September to December and from January to May. After that you start doing your minor studies, maybe do exchange studies somewhere in the world and work on your master's thesis. Our programme is a postgraduate programme and we expect our students to work on that level. And when you work hard, you learn a lot! However, we also try to have fun while working!


We learn a lot by doing

Even though we are a programme based in a research university, we learn the best by doing. Almost all our courses have assignments for actual tourism businesses and destinations, mainly in Finland. Our courses are structured in a way that you learn the theory first, and then you get opportunities to apply those theories to practice.


We trust our students 100 % right from the beginning

We treat our students as responsible adults who are motivated to improve their skills and knowledge in Tourism Marketing and Management. We trust that our students work as hard as they can to reach that goal. We do not micromanage our students but trust that they do their best. 


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