Student testimonials for Tourism Marketing and Management programme

Iuliia’s story

I had been living for a while in Finland when the programme has opened its doors.

My study background includes two universities: Specialist degree in one of the Saint-Petersburg’s Universities and Bachelor Degree in Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Joensuu, Finland. Therefore, I had already an experience in the Finnish education system and I liked it.

Why did I apply to the MD in Tourism Marketing and Management programme (TMM)?

I thought it is a good opportunity to refresh my already gained knowledge and enhance my experience in marketing and tourism. If I could describe studying in UEF and particularly in TMM in one sentence it will be “It is not only about the results it is more about the process and people involved in it”.

There are three elements that totally explain why I am here:

  1. People. The close relationship between colleagues, teachers, and professors. Their attention and believe in each of us help me to feel as a part of something worth. Teachers care what knowledge we get and how we can use it.  They do their best to feel us good and to be professionals in the tourism industry.
  2. Quality. It is in every detail: from the chair to the experience and information we have. We have up-to-date data, recent research, access to all university’s facilities regardless of the programme and department. Every course is designed according to the student and industry needs.
  3. Personal involvement. Here is the process which I like. I fully engage in the study. I do not have any stress concerning upcoming exam anymore. I enjoy the process. The information is given in a proper way. Different types of studying are involved; today we can be in a university class and tomorrow we can have an excursion to the nearest tourism place.

I appreciate that I am here. I change my perception of study. Never late to learn, especially when I have a chance to be taught by professionals in tourism marketing.

 I feel I can make a tourism better!


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