Tunniste / Course Code


Nimi / Name

Practical Tourism Research

Laajuus / ECTS


Tyyppi  / Level (esim. perusopinnot, aineopinnot)

Master’s level



Opinto-oikeus (?)

Tourism Marketing and Management students, international exchange students

Suositeltu suoritusaika

First year of TMM master’s studies

Tuntimäärä / Hours (?)

Total: 135

Arvostelu / Grading



Kauppatieteiden laitos

Opettajat / Teacher

Henna Konu, Juho Pesonen


Kuvaus / Sullabys:


Osaamistavoitteet (pakollinen) / Learning outcomes (compulsory)

Knowledge related:

  • Understanding what is tourism research in practice.
  • Using theory as the base of tourism research.
  • Choosing research questions based on various research approaches.
  • Evaluating suitable methodological approaches to solve chosen research questions. 
  • Utilizing various research approaches to solve academic and practitioner problems.  
  • Conducting tourism research ethically.


Skills related:

  • Search for, summarizing, and applying information from academic and industry sources to develop research.
  • Designing a research process.
  • Evaluating various data collection and analysis methods for quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Using data analysis software.
  • Write scientific text.
  • Write and formulate research reports for the industry.




Sisältö (pakollinen) / Content

  • Planning and executing quantitative and qualitative tourism research.

Suoritustavat (pakollinen) / Teaching Methods

  • Class meetings (70 hours, 70 % presence obligatory)
  • Independent study (30 hours)
  • Group work (35 hours)

Toteutustavat / Study Modes

  • Flipped classroom (pre-learning materials and assignments, interactive face-to-face meetings)
  • Group work assignments
  • Individual assignments


Oppimateriaalit / Study Material

  • Scientific articles
  • Research materials
  • Other materials


Arvosteluperusteet (pakollinen) / Assessment

Assessment: 0-5

Emphasis on the final grade:

Quantitative assignments 40 %, qualitative assignments 40 %, general assignment 10 %, self evaluation 10 %, class meetings (pass/fail)

Edellytykset / Prerequisites:

Bachelor degree

Ajankohta / Time

Spring semester


Tarjontatieto / Level

Tourism Marketing and Management students

Avainsanat / Key word

tourism, research, quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, research philosophy, analysis,

Kampus / Campus


Lisätietoja/ Further information

Opetuksen kieli (pakollinen tieto) / Teaching language