Tunniste / Course Code


Nimi / Name

Master’s thesis in Tourism Marketing and Management

Laajuus / ECTS


Tyyppi  / Level

Master’s level



Opinto-oikeus / Right to study

Tourism marketing and management master’s students, students from Palvelujohtaminen, with a thesis topic in tourism field

Suositeltu suoritusaika / Recommended object time

second year of Tourism Marketing and Management master’s studies

Tuntimäärä / Hours

Total: 810 hours



Arvostelu / Grading


Vastuuyksikkö / Responsible department

Business School

Opettajat / Teacher

Raija Komppula


Kuvaus / Syllabus:


Osaamistavoitteet (pakollinen) / Learning outcomes (compulsory)

Knowledge related: Student can

- understand the role of research, data and information when making decisions and plans in tourism business
Skills related: Student can
- conduct analytical, methodologically reliable and practically valuable research to support decision-making processes in tourism businesses and academia.


Sisältö (pakollinen) / Content

- Defining and examining a well-defined tourism-related research topic

- Planning and completing the thesis project

Suoritustavat (pakollinen) / Teaching Methods

  • supervised independent study

Toteutustavat / Study Modes

independent study

Oppimateriaalit / Study Materials

research articles, methodology books

Arvosteluperusteet (pakollinen) / Assessment

Approbatur-Laudatur. Grading follows faculty guidelines.


Edellytykset / Prerequisites:

Bachelor degree


Ajankohta / Time

second year of Tourism Marketing and Management studies

Tarjontatieto / Level

Tourism marketing and management master’s students

Avainsanat / Key words

tourism research

Kampus / Campus


Lisätietoja/ Further information

Language: English

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