Tunniste / Course Code


Nimi / Name

Information Technology in Tourism Business

Laajuus / ECTS


Tyyppi  / Level (esim. perusopinnot, aineopinnot)

Master’s level



Opinto-oikeus (?)

Tourism Marketing and Management students, exchange students, business school master’s students

Suositeltu suoritusaika


Tuntimäärä / Hours (?)

160 hours

Arvostelu / Grading



Business School

Opettajat / Teacher

Juho Pesonen


Kuvaus / Sullabys:


Osaamistavoitteet (pakollinen) / Learning outcomes (compulsory)

Knowledge related:

  • Understand the role of information technology as part of the tourism industry both from customer as well as business perspective.
  • Know how to market and manage a tourism business in a digital world and understand central concepts, models and frameworks connected to digital technologies.
  • Familiarity with risks and possibilities digital technologies create for tourism businesses and destinations.
  • Vision of how technologies will develop in the future and can adapt in the constantly transforming marketplace.


Skills related:

  • Assess the current state of digital business in an organization and create a plan to creatively develop it from the customer value perspective.
  • Run online marketing campaigns in various online channels and create business models and multi-channel strategies for tourism businesses and destinations.
  • Content marketer practices to communicate with different stakeholders and customers via digital technologies.
  • Use various online tools to develop digital business and customer experience.
  • Utilizing customer information search processes and data to create long-lasting and influential relationships with tourists through content marketing.
  • Experimenting and trying out different approaches to develop digital marketing and tourism business.

Sisältö (pakollinen) / Content

  • The big picture of what is the meaning of information technologies for tourism business.
  • Concept of digitalization and what it means from the business perspective.
  • Company strategy, goals, mission and vision and what they mean for technology adoption and use.
  • The concept of customer value co-creation are examined from the information technology perspective.
  • Content marketing focuses on storytelling and customer emotions as well as tourist information search process.
  • The course also includes topics such as websites and e-commerce in tourism, advertising, search engine marketing, digitals business tools, mobile devices, social media and digital marketing metrics.
  • In addition, machine learning and AI, sharing economy, smart tourism and human-computer interaction are discussed in the course contents.



Suoritustavat (pakollinen) / Teaching Methods

Independent study 66 h, group work 30 h, pair work 30 h, class meetings 34 h

Toteutustavat / Study Modes

Active participation in class meetings, group work, pair work, individual assignments, collaboration with tourism businesses.

Oppimateriaalit / Study Material

Scientific articles and online material.

Arvosteluperusteet (pakollinen) / Assessment

Group work 0-5, pair work 0-5, individual assignments 0-5.

Edellytykset / Prerequisites:

Bachelor’s Degree

Ajankohta / Time

Autumn 2018


Tarjontatieto / Level

Tourism Marketing and Management students

Avainsanat / Key word

Technological development; online marketing; mobile devices; technology trends; website; digital commerce; intermediaries; sharing economy; data analytics; destination level technologies

Kampus / Campus


Lisätietoja/ Further information

Maximum of 35 students can be admitted to the course, preference is given to Tourism Marketing and Management students. Registration for the course one week in advance in WebOodi.

Opetuksen kieli (pakollinen tieto) / Teaching language