BioMedical Ultrasound Group

Medical use of ultrasound (US) is best known from Ultrasound Imaging. Prenatal US and clinical diagnostic US are routinely used imaging modalities which are often combined with Doppler US to visualize and quantify blood flow rate. New imaging modalities are in great interest and novel new methods to use ultrasound to image and characterize biological structures and tissues are explored and developed.

Respectively, therapeutic use of ultrasound in medicine is a fast growing field. A few examples of the vast possibilities involving therapeutical ultrasound in medicine are: breaking up kidney stones, treating glaucoma, healing internal bleeding, treating cardiac arrhythmias, minimally invasive or non-invasive surgery, enhancing drug delivery, transporting drugs through blood-brain barrier, bone healing stimulation, and tissue engineering

The motivation for our research is to investigate and develop new innovative ways to use US in diagnostic and therapeutic purposes based on the deep understanding of ultrasound-tissue interaction mechanisms.

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