Rauno Sairinen


 Professor, environmental policy

 p.+358 50 44 23 146
 e-mail: rauno.sairinen (at) uef.fi



Rauno Sairinen is professor of environmental policy at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. He works also as a scientific leader of the Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society (LYY) and has been affiliated as a Honorary Professor with the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) at the University of Queensland in Australia. During 2011-2016 he has been co-chair of the Social Impact Assessment section of the IAIA International Association of Impact Assessment. During 2007-2010 he worked as a professor of social-scientific environmental research in the University of Joensuu and during 1999–2007 as a research director at the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies at the Helsinki University of Technology. His major research themes concerned environmental governance and natural resource policy, environmental policy instruments, mining policy, social impact assessment, urban planning and participation.

Most recent publications:

Heidi Tiainen, Rauno Sairinen & Olga Sidorenko (2015). Governance of Sustainable Mining in Arctic Countries:  Finland, Sweden, Greenland and Russia. Arctic Yearbook 2015, Pp 132-157 (http://www.arcticyearbook.com/toc2015).

Kotilainen Juha, Prokhorova Evgenia, Sairinen Rauno, Tiainen Heidi (2015). Corporate social responsibility of mining companies in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Resources Policy 45: 202-209.

Tiainen, Heidi; Sairinen, Rauno & Mononen, Tuija (2014) Talvivaaran kaivoshankkeen konfliktoituminen [Conflict process of Talvivaara mine in Finland]. Ympäristöpolitiikan ja –oikeuden vuosikirja 2014: VII.  P. 7-76. Itä-Suomen yliopisto: Joensuu. https://www.edilex.fi/artikkelit/14254.pdf 

Tiainen, Heidi & Sairinen, Rauno (2014). Mining in the Chatkal Valley in Kyrgyzstan - Challenge of social sustainability. Resources Policy 39(2014): 80–87.

Sairinen, Rauno (2011): Kaivosteollisuuden yhteiskuntavastuu ja muuttuva suhde paikallisyhteisöön [Mining, Social Responsibility and the Changing Local Community Relations].Terra 123(2011):3, 11-18.