National Regulation and Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining in Central Asia

The project investigates corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies of mining companies and the regulatory legislative frameworks concerning the extractive industry in Central Asia. It highlights the possibilities for reducing tension and risk of conflict in the mining sector through public-private cooperation, strengthen the body of knowledge on regulation and corporate policies, and provide information on efforts addressing environmental, social and security concerns.

The project is divided into three sub-tasks:

(1) comparison of regulatory frameworks for mining

(2) corporate social responsibility of mining

(3) the relations of legislation and corporate social responsibility


The project investigates the ways in which the national regulatory environments have contributed to catalysing strengthened accountability, transparency and responsibility in mining as well as provided a sound environment for developing CSR in the mining sector; and assesses if mining corporations have made progress on corporate social responsibility and environmental management. The countries in focus are Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. An analytical framework will be designed to be applicable to Central Asia more generally. The project benefits from the existing research networks by engaging local researchers in the Central Asia.


Project partners, funding and ENVSEC

The project is a joint effort of the University of Eastern Finland (Environmental Politics/Law), Gaia Consulting Oy (in Helsinki / Geneve). The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) is the manager and coordinator of the project.

The members of the research team are professor in environmental policy and director of the Joensuu LYY Institute (Natural Resources, Environment and Society) Rauno Sairinen and senior researcher Dr Juha Kotilainen (human geography). Project researchers are Evgenia Prokhorov (geography) and Heidi Tiainen (environmental policy).

Gaia Consulting provides expertise on environmental and natural resource management and law, policy assessment and policy development. The Gaia team members are Mr. Pasi Rinne, Ms. Sanna Ahvenharju, Mr. Mikko Halonen and Mr. Jürg Hutter.

The local experts of the team are the Kyrgyz legal experts Ms. Gulnara Kalikova and Mr. Aicholopon Jorupbekova, and the Tajikistani mining expert Ms. Sharifa Khudobakhshova.

The project is part of the Security and Development research of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland 2011. The project is also part of Wider Europe Initiative framework programme launched by the Government of Finland in 2008. The initiative strengthens Finland's development policy through a comprehensive approach to Finland's development cooperation in the European Union's eastern neighbourhood, the South Caucasus and Central Asia. The programme aims to widely promote stability and prosperity in the partner countries of the initiative as well as in the wider European region. The project supports and is closely linked to the Environment and Security Initiative (ENVSEC) and other international environment and security endeavours.

The project will run from September 2011 to September 2012.