Sparsely populated rural areas as an operational environment for mining industry

The aim of the study is to find possibilities and challenges the mining industry has in rural areas. The main questions are what kind of impacts the mining industry has in rural areas and how the operational environment is noticed by the mining industry. When studying the operational environment of mining industry, it is important to pay attention to how mining industry takes the operational industry and its development into account. Do local communities have possibilities to contribute developing their own region?

The case study is Pampalo gold mine in Ilomantsi, in North Carelia. The data is composed of theme interviews focused on different actors (the mining company, municipality, local entrepreneurs and inhabitants as well as the other actors of the region). The aim is to identify different positive and negative impacts of mining activities. Besides, the study explores how different impacts are reacted by local inhabitants and how the different impacts can be managed at the local level.

Responsible leader: DSocSci Tuija Mononen, UEF (tuija.mononen at

Researchers: DSocSci Tuija Mononen UEF, DSocSci Katja Tervo UEF, Piia Tuononen UEF

Funded by: Ministry of Employment and Technology