Residence permit and studying at the University of Eastern Finland

Students may apply for a residence permit for Finland online (link)

It is worth while submitting the residence permit application for studies immediately when the study place is confirmed. The Finnish Immigration Service cannot guarantee that an application which is submitted late or

Citizens of the Nordic countries are not required to have a visa or residence permit.

EU/ EEA (European Union/ European Economic Area) citizens can enter the country freely, though they must register their right to reside in Finland if staying for more than 3 months.

A non- EU / EEA citizen intending to enter Finland must secure a study visa/ residence permit at their nearest Finnish embassy or consulate with the admission confirmation documents provided by the university. A non- EU / EEA citizen must also demonstrate that their own funds or scholarship will cover their living expenses in Finland.  If the scholarship (€620 /month for applicants 2017) (see Tuition fee and scholarsips) is awarded to the applicant, a certificate of the scholarship will be provided to the applicant. This scholarship can be used to meet the financial requirements for the study visa/residence permit. More information on the residence permits can be found on the Finnish Immigration Service's website.

Non- EU / EEA students without a scholarship granted by the University of Joensuu must be able to prove that they have at their disposal at least €560 a month or €6720 for a year. Applicants are advised to check with their nearest Finnish embassy or consulate, or the Finnish Immigration Service's website.

Please note that the Department of Chemistry and the University of  the Eastern Finland are in no position to offer financial support, other than the grants mentioned, to international students.