LIFE+ CrayMate

The LIFE+ CrayMate project aims for the better common understanding of the management and conservation of native noble crayfish stocks in Finland, and further in Europe. The means to achieve the proud goal of ensured future for the native crayfish are targeted and widespread information campaings in the media and brave encounters with the common persons during cultural and leisure festivities.

The LIFE+ CrayMate project is coordinated by the University of Eastern Finland (Dr Japo Jussila) and implemented in collaboration with seven beneficiaries from Eastern and Northern Finland together with institutions also from Southern Finland.

The project exploits results from research and turns the academic outcome into practical benefit of those interested in the natural resources. The project consortium includes institutions from several levels of research and management to ensure that the coverage needed for information spreading is accomplished. We have included a media production company, QuetzalCoatl Prod., to the consortium to boost the professional approach. We have been kindly supported by the LIFE+ (LIFE12 INF/FI/233).

We aim to collaborate with our European colleagues, those interested in the brightest possible future for the European aquatic ecosystems, and terrestrial, too, for that matter. We have a common interest especially with the Sweds, as we share a passionate love for the crayfish and a tradition to party whenever possible. That's why: noble crayfish is the best!

Our aim is to ensure a brigth future for the Finnish noble crayfish. We base our work on the fundamental principles of Never Give Up and The Craymates Will Not Be Left Behind. We trust that knowledgeable fishermen and the common public care for best practices in fishing and crayfishing and nature conservation. And they do!

LIFE+ CrayMate project has successfully taken to end, but the work for the conservation of the native noble crayfish never ends. Fot those interested, the Layman Report can downloaded here.