From mid-April to mid-May 2018, Matti Fritsch spent one month at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies at the University of Tartu. The aim of this stay was to gain experience from a different research environment, to develop a network of contacts, to learn new skills with regard to theory and methodologies and to carry out fieldwork in Estonia for an upcoming paper for the Post-Soviet Borders project.


The reception at the Skytte Institute was welcoming and Matti got to know local researchers by attending several research seminars and lectures. The overall academic atmosphere at the Skytte Institute was stimulating and the somewhat different approach in Political Studies and International Relations broadened his horizon.

The researchers at the Institute also helped Matti to secure contacts for interviews that I carried out during his stay for an upcoming research paper. The interviews turned to be very successful and provided a lot of raw material for analysis.

On the social front, it was good to socialize with the local researchers in the coffee room and the Stammtisch they organized twice during the month.