Kick-off meeting 28-30.3.2017 in Joensuu, Finland

The team kicked off the project in a three-day meeting in Joensuu at the end of March. In addition to meetings and presentations, there was also an excursion to Koli National Park (the weather and views were excellent). The Programme can be found below the photos.


28th March

11-13 Internal Project meeting: aims, timescale, website, documents, and initial discussion.

14.00-16.00 Seminar (AU 102)

Vladimir Boyko: “Russia's Asiatic Borderland: Still Threatened Heartland?”

Alessandra Russo: “Regional Models of Governance Transfer: Relations between “the State” and “the Region” in the Post-Soviet Area”


29th March

10-12 Internal Project Meeting continued

14.30 Trip by minibus to Koli Nature Reserve for guests


30th March

14 - 16 Internal Project planning meeting.