Time: Wednesday at 14.45 –15.45
Location: Kuopio University Hospital, auditorium, building 1N, 2nd floor


January 29
Remodeling of the brain after traumatic brain injury
- Dr. Xavier E. Ndode-Ekane, AIVI

February 26
CDNF ameliorates motor neuron disease in animal models of ALS by targeting ER stress
- Adjunct prof. Merja Voutilainen, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki

March 26 - 27
Kuopio Epilepsy Symposium (http://www.uef.fi/web/kuopioepilepsysymposium)

NB The meeting in April 29 (below) will be held in the fall season because of covid-19
April 29
Music in stroke rehabilitation
- Adjunct prof. Teppo Särkämö, Cognitive Brain Research Unit, University of Helsinki

NB The meeting in May 13 (below) will be held in the fall season because of covid-19
May 13
C9orf72 repeat expansion as a cause of frontotemporal dementia
- Adjunct prof. Annakaisa Haapasalo, AIVI





January 30
Prevention of dementia
Adjunct prof. Alisa Solomon, Neurology, UEF

February 20
Pathophysiology of ALS
Dr. Merja Jaronen, Neurocenter Finland

March 27
Translational hurdles in stroke research
Adjunct prof. Jukka Jolkkonen, Neurology, UEF

May 22
Pharmacological regulation of neuronal plasticity in the brain
Academy prof. Eero Castren, Univ. Helsinki

September 18
Biomarkers of post-traumatic epilepsy
- Dr. Noora Puhakka, AIVI

October 23
Neurobiology of migraine and a critical review of new treatments
- Prof. Rashid Giniatullin, AIVI

November 27
Microglia in neuroinflammation and neuronal plasticity
- Prof. Tarja Malm, AIVI

December 18
Alpha-synuclein toxicity as a potential drug target in Parkinson’s disease
- Dr. Timo Myöhänen, Department of Pharmacology, University of Helsinki


September 19
Role of epilepsy in Alzheimer pathogenesis and symptoms
Prof. Heikki Tanila, AIVI, UEF

October 10
TREM2 – a novel immunomodulator in neurodegenerative diseases
 Prof. Mikko Hiltunen, Biomedicine, UEF

November 28
Role of brain lymphatic circulation in traumatic brain injury
Dr. Francesco Noe’, AIVI, UEF

December 19
CDNF - Unconventional ER located trophic factor for Parkinson's disease
 Academy prof. Mart Saarma, Institute of Biotechnology, Univ. Helsinki