Clinical Epileptology

Our major research areas are:

  • Prognosis, risk factors and biomarkers of epilepsy.
    Populations based cohorts are studied to identify surrogate markers of seizure activity, epileptogenesis, progression, and drug-resistancy. The work is partly done together with other epilepsy centers in European Network for Epilepsy Research (ENER).
  • Rare or Orphan epilepsies.
    Deep phenotyping of Unverricht Lundborg diasease (EPM1) to elucidate the disease mechanisms in the largest patient material in the world.
  • Genetics of epilepsies.
    There is an increasing number of ‘epilepsy genes', and we have collaborated in EPM1 and CLN1. To study complex epilepsies we are participating with 500 temporal lobe epilepsy cases and 500 controls into ILAE Consortium of Complex Genetics and into EpiGlia-Consortium in Eurocores Programme.
  • Methodological development.
    Developing methodology for biomarkers, presurgical evaluation and neuromonitoring in multidiscilipnary collaboration.
  • Clinical epilepsy trials at Kuopio Epilepsy Center