Degree Structure

Orientation Studies (6 ECTS)

Orientation studies provide students with the tools indispensable for successful completion of the courses included in the curriculum. They familiarize students with the University of Eastern Finland and the Finnish educational system in general and introduce the main learning objectives, content and evaluation criteria of the Master's Degree Programme in Learning, Teaching and Counselling in Intercultural Context.

Major Studies (94 ECTS)

Major Studies consist of methodological studies and content studies entailing thematic studies and areas of special interest. Methodological studies aim at deepening students' knowledge and academic skills related to research methodology in educational sciences. Content studies prepare students to plan and execute their research activities related to the topic of their Master's thesis: adult education and counselling, special education, science education, or primary education.

Other Studies (20 ECTS)

Other Studies may include any university-level courses that serve to deepen students' expertise related to the topic of their master's thesis or personal interests.

Course descriptions, timetables & registration:

Course catalogue with detailed course descriptions can be found in WebOodi.


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Erasmus in Schools: A chance to visit Finnish schools

Erasmus in Schools is a nationwide programme aimed at all Erasmus students, European Degree students and EVS volunteers interested in visiting local schools during their stay in Finland. The visitor will be provided with an official Certificate of Participation by the Finnish National Agency for Education. In addition to schools in Joensuu, you may also visit schools in other towns or localities. If you travel outside your town of residence for a school visit, Erasmus in Schools will reimburse your travel costs.

Registration & Further information: Erasmus in Schools