LYY is interrelated to one of the advanced-level strong research areas of UEF, namely Sustainable Governance of Natural Resources. LYY also collaborates with UEF's Bioeconomy Policy.

The research in LYY Institute is conducted in various different forms. Researchers affiliated with LYY have established research centres or research networks . There are also thematic research groups and projects with or without supplemental funding. The research field is dynamic. LYY steering group encourages UEF researchers to actively get in touch with LYY coordinator Outi Ratamäki when launching a new group or a project related to LYY themes (natural resources, environment, society and culture). This will enable us to keep this website updated and enhance collaboration between groups and people. People outside UEF/LYY can contact either LYY coordinator or the indicated primary contact person of each group or project when interested in collaboration.

List of 2017 publications.

Projects and publications can be also searched in UEF Current Research Information System CRIS.

LYY related established research centres are:
Centre for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL)
Primary contact person: Kim Talus, kim.talus(at)

Research Centre for Socially and Environmentally Responsible Mining (SERM)
Primary contact person: Rauno Sairinen, rauno.sairinen(at)

Centre for Tourism Studies (MOT)
Primary contact person: Raija Komppula, raija.komppula(at)


Research networks:
Human-Animal Studies (HAS) network.
Primary contact person: Outi Ratamäki, outi.ratamaki(at)

Social Scientific Circular Bioeconomy Research (SOBIO) network
Primary contact person: Irmeli Mustalahti(at)

The Network of Environmental Humanities.
Primary contact person: Noora Vikman, noora.vikman(at) or Kirsi Laurén, kirsi.lauren(at)


Thematic research groups (to see their ongoing projects click the title):

Adaptive regulation of aquatic resources and spaces Group
Primary contact person: Niko Soininen, niko.soininen(at)

Economically feasible pricing mechanism for flexible and green electricity Group
Primary contact person: Jarno Talponen, jarno.talponen(at)

Environment, Society and Development in Latin America Research Group
Primary contact person: Mariana Galvão Lyra, mariana.lyra(at)

Nature based tourism and sustainability Group
Primary contact person: Henna Konu, henna.konu(at)

Philosophy of law in the Arctic Group
Primary contact person: Dawid Bunikowski, dawid.bunikowski(at)

Responsive Natural Resources Governance Group
Primary contact person: Irmeli Mustalahti, irmeli.mustalahti(at)

Sustainability, Community & Culture Group
Primary contact person: Simo Häyrynen, simo.hayrynen(at)


Other research projects (list is not inclusive):

The Changing Environment of the North: Cultral Rpresentations and Uses of Water (CEN)
Primary contact person: Markku Lehtimäki, markku.lehtimaki(at)

Environmental Impact Assessment Law in Transition – Keys for Smart Re-design and Implementation
Primary contact person: Ismo Pölönen, ismo.polonen(at)

Governance institutions and irregular forest activities (IFA): implications for the EU FLEGT and REDD+ in Laos
Primary contact person: Sabaheta Ramcilovik-Suominen, sabaheta.ramcilovik-suominen(at)

Human-Animal Relationships and Technology in Transition: Reconfiguring Finnish Cattle Tending from the Late 19th Century to the Present
Primary contact person: Taija Kaarlenkaski, taija.kaarlenkaski(at)

IMP@CT: Integrated Mobile Modularised Plant and Containerised Tools for sustainable, selective, low-impact mining of small, high-grade or complex deposits (EU Horizon 2020, R.Sairinen WP lead)
Primary contact person: Rauno Sairinen, rauno.sairinen(at)

INFACT: Innovative, Non-invasive and Fully Acceptable Exploration Technologies (EU Horizon 2020)
Primary contact person: Lasse Peltonen, lasse.peltonen(at)

Lajitin: Liiketoimintaa jätteen lajittelun ratkaisuista
Primary contact person: Helen Reijonen, helen.reijonen(at)

Mediation and collaborative governance in environmental decision-making (Soviko)
Primary contact person: Lasse Peltonen, lasse.peltonen(at)

Sustainability governance of BioAssemblages: A trifold perspective on bioeconomy clusters in the making
Primary contact person: Moritz Albrecht, moritz.albrecht(at)