Year 2019



Science & activism

The role of environmental movements in transformations to sustainability

A seminar at the University of Eastern Finland

29-30(31) January 2019
Natura Building, Room N113 



Organizers: LYY Institute, & CORE project, & ALL-YOUTH project,

Aim of the event is to share ideas and discuss the role of activism, in its various forms, in transformation towards sustainability. Our perspective to activism is broad. Within the context of sustainability transition, we invite papers which approach the challenges and benefits of combining activism and science, the role of environmental movements, citizen engagement in policy processes and scientific research, co-production of knowledge, analyses of the driving forces behind resistance and conflicts (e.g. environmental justice issues) etc. 

On the first seminar day we will hear participant presentations after a thematic plenary:

A key note by Maija Faehnle (CORE -project): Solving complex problems togehter - activism as challenge and opportunity for collaborative governance.

On the second day we will continue with the participant presentations and organize a round table discussion but also enjoy plenaries given by our invited guest speakers from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona:

A keynote by Mariana Walter: A perspective on radical transformations to sustainability: resistances, movements and alternatives

A keynote by Marta Conde: Counter-expertise and co-production of knowledge: interface between science and activism

Here is the Welcoming presentation by Rauno Sairinen, Scientific leader for LYY Institute.

Presentations in the seminar are the following: 

Academic work as an extension to activism, Jari Kärkkäinen (University of Turku)

Adrift in a Borderland. Developing participatory and embodied methodologies as a collective of asylum seekers, activists and academic scholars, Tiina Sotkasiira, Anni Rannikko, Päivikki Rapo & Sanna Ryynänen (UEF)

Disputing minds and hearts - activism over mineral extraction in Brazil, Mariana Galvão Lyra (UEF)

40 years of environmental activism in the province of Girona, Catalonia – from case advocacy to regional planning, s story of success, Sergi Nuss, Mita Castañer, Joan Vicente, Josep Vila, Dani Boix, Laura Llorens, Carol Coll, Emma Soy, Enric Cortiñas, Laura Trabal, Guillem Canaleta, Marta Ball-llosera, Eduard de Ribot (University of Girona, Associació Naturalistes de Girona, and IAEDEN)

Communicating ecosystem services during affective events: the campaign of ecologists to engage a diversity of actors in nature conservation, Lucas Brunet (University of Tampere)

How industrial development effects on forest vegetation and wild life biodiversity- A case study of proposed coal-based power plant project at Mirsarai, Chittagong Bangladesh, Md Mokbul Hossain (UEF)

Researchers and climate change activism - focus in strategic litigation and facilitation, Heta Heiskanen (University of Tampere)

Struggles over power and justice in new sustainability transitions, Tuula Teräväinen (UEF)

Situating knowledge on urban nature: experiences from Bogotá, Germán A. Quimbayo Ruiz (UEF)

We will finalize the seminar by round table discussions with World Café methodology organized by the ALL-YOUTH project. World Café methodology will be used to facilitate the discussion on youth participation in activism related to environmental conflicts.



Year 2018


An International Symposium December 12–13, 2018, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu


Open for all, no registration required.
Organizer: The Changing Environment of the North: Cultural Representations and Uses of Water,


LYY Research seminar:
Are natural resources a blessing or a curse?

December 12, 2018 at the University of Eastern Finland
Futura-house, F101, Yliopistokatu 7, Joensuu
This open research seminar discusses the challenges of sustainable governance and societal impacts of natural resources economy development and the challenges of applied research approaches. The cases analysed in the seminar represent mainly extractive industry.
Andrew Grant, Ass. Professor, University of Queens, Canada: "Are natural resources a blessing or a curse? Insights from recent advances in natural resource governance regimes"
Our quest speaker Ass. Prof. Andrew Grant’s research focus has been in conflict and cooperation issues in natural resource sectors, post-conflict reconstruction, African security and conflict minerals. He has edited a well-known research book “New Approaches to the Governance of Natural Resources: Insights from Africa” with W.R.N. Compaoré and M.I. Mitchell (2015). More information:
Olga Sidorenko, Researcher, UEF:  “Challenges of sustainable mining in Kyrgyzstan”
13:45 Coffee break
Juha M. Kotilainen, Researcher, UEF: “Mining Community Development Agreements in the Finnish Context: Case Study Sodankylä”
Dawid Bunikowski, Doctor of Law (Nicolaus Copernicus University), Postdoctoral (UEF): “Location-sensitive governance in the Arctic: arguments from cultural ecology and legal pluralism.”
15:15 – 15:30 Discussions and closing of the seminar 




Time: 22-23 October 2018

Venue: Metria, Joensuu Campus


Let’s raise the visibility and impact of a social-scientific view on the bioeconomy!

Our multidisciplinary research network, SOBIO, is taking its first steps. You are warmly invited to join the SOBIO Days 2018 to develop the network further and discuss how you could benefit from and contribute to our network on social scientific circular and bioeconomy research. Registration is open until October 18th. SOBIO constitutes one of the research networks of UEF Bioeconomy Research Networks and it is a vital part of the LYY network: The Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society (LYY).

You can find more information about SOBIO on the website:
Registration and programme info about SOBIO days can be found here:

If you have questions concerning SOBIO DAYS 2018, please do not hesitate to contact Moritz Albrecht: Monday 22nd - Researcher seminar ( or Irmeli Mustalahti: Tuesday 23rd - building up the network (





Itä-Suomen yliopiston Ympäristö & Yhteiskunta tutkimuspäivät 2018

Kestävän talouden transition yhteiskunnalliset haasteet ja ratkaisut



Carelia rakennus, Sali C2


Tapahtumaa voi seurata suoratoistona osoitteessa:


Järjestää Itä-Suomen yliopiston LYY-instituutti ( )


Mitä yhteiskunnallisia, poliittisia ja toiminnallisia haasteita Suomella ja Euroopalla on edessään ympäristön suurten muutosten sekä vihreän talouden transitioiden kehittämisessä? Miten yhteistoiminnallisuus ja osallisuus voisivat parantaa ympäristöä ja luonnonvaroja koskevaa päätöksentekoa ja ohjausta? Mitä mahdollisuuksia tarjoavat uudet liiketoimintamuodot? Mitä ovat näiden muutosten kulttuuriset ulottuvuudet?
LYY-Instituutti (luonnonvarat, ympäristö & yhteiskunta) on Itä-Suomen yliopistossa toimiva yhteiskunnallisen ja kulttuurisen ympäristö- ja luonnonvaratutkimuksen verkosto, jonka puitteissa tehdään monialaisesti tutkimusta tämän päivän ja tulevaisuutemme globaaleista ja paikallisista ympäristö- ja luonnonvarahaasteista. Vuoden 2018 ”Ympäristö & Yhteiskunta tutkimuspäivä” keskittyy pohtimaan kolmea haastetta: vihreän talouden transition ja ympäristön muutoksen yhteiskunnallinen ja kulttuurinen jäsentyminen, yhteistoiminnallisten toimintamuotojen kehittyminen ja uusien liiketoimintamallien rakentuminen.

Tervetuloa osallistumaan keskusteluun ja tapaamaan tutkijoita. Tilaisuus on maksuton.

Lisätietoja tapahtumasta voi kysyä LYY koordinaattorilta: outi.ratamaki(at)


Ohjelma (muutokset mahdollisia, lataa pdf):

12:15             Aloituspuheenvuoro. PDF

Rauno Sairinen, professori, LYY:n tieteellinen johtaja

12:30             Suomi EU:n ja pohjoismaisen ympäristöpolitiikan tekijänä: näkökulmia vihreän kasvun ja kestävien transitioiden haasteisiin. PDF

Tuula Teräväinen, tutkijatohtori                              

12:50             Translating bio-energy/economy policies in Europe. PDF

Moritz Albrecht, tutkijatohtori

13:10             Pohjoisen muuttuva ympäristö: Ympäristön muutosten kulttuurinen näkeminen. Linkki.

Markku Lehtimäki, yliopistonlehtori

13:30             Keskustelu


13:45             Kahvi + posterit (ks. posteriesitys)


14:30          Kierto- ja biotalouden oikeidellinen sääntely - uhka vai mahdollisuus? PDF

Seita Romppanen, yliopistonlehtori          

14:50           Luonnonvarahankkeiden vaikutusten arviointi - kohti yhteistoiminnallista seurantaa? PDF

Ismo Pölönen, professori

15:10           Nuoret, osallisuus ja ympäristö: toimintatutkimuksella elävää tietoa juurruttamassa. PDF

                    Nina Tokola, tutkijatohtori 

15:30           Keskustelu


15:45           Tauko           


16:00         Systeeminen muutos haastaa biotalouden perinteiset liiketoimintamallit. PDF

Jouni Pykäläinen, professori

16:20         Uutta liiketoimintaa kestävän luontomatkailun ympärille. PDF

Henna Konu, yliopistotutkija

16:40         Keskustelu


16:50         Paneelikeskustelu: Mitä ovat kestävän talouden transition yhteiskunnalliset haasteet ja miten tutkimus voi vastata niihin?

Osallistujat: Krista Mikkonen, kansanedustaja & Jukka Noponen, Sitran neuvonantaja & LYY:n tutkijoita
Puheenjohtaja: Tapio Määttä, professori


17:50              Seminaarin lopetus

18:00-19:00   Vapaata seurustelua ja virvokkeita 




Kansalaistieteen päivä

Perjantai 25.5.2018

Tapahtuman yleiset luennot livestriimataan. Voit seurata alustuksia täällä osoitteessa tapahtuman ajankohtana:


Ilmoittaudu tapahtumaan täällä viimeistään 18.5:

Päivän tavoitteena on keskustella ja jakaa tietoa kansalaistieteen ja -tutkimuksen eri toteutusmahdollisuuksista ja hyödyistä sekä rajoista ja haasteista. Tavoitteena on oppia eri tieteenalojen lähestymistavoista ja sovellutuksista. Käsitteellisten pohdintojen ohella päivän aikana keskitytään myös käytännön kysymyksiin.
Laajempi mainos

Tilaisuuden järjestävät:
- Suomen Akatemian yhteydessä toimivan strategisen tutkimuksen neuvoston (STN) rahoittama hanke ”Yhteistoiminnallisia ratkaisuja sirpaloituvien yhteiskuntien ongelmiin –
käänne yhteishallintaan ympäristöpäätöksenteossa” (CORE, ja
- LYY-instituutti: Luonnonvarat, ympäristö, yhteiskunta. Yhteiskunta- ja kulttuuritieteellisen ympäristötutkimuksen verkosto Itä-Suomen yliopistossa,
Yhteyshenkilö: Outi Ratamäki,, p. 050 465 15 92
Sali AU206
9:15-9.30 Aloituspuheenvuoro
Professori Lasse Peltonen, Itä-Suomen yliopisto
9.30-10.15 Kansalaistiede — Katsaus lähestymistapoihin ja terminologiaan.
Erikoistutkija Taru Peltola, Suomen ympäristökeskus
10.15-11.00 Kansalaistiedettä lieksalaisten maahanmuuttajien kanssa. Voiko tutkimuksella tuottaa osallistuvaa ja vaikuttavaa kansalaisuutta?
Tutkijatohtori Tiina Sotkasiira, Itä-Suomen yliopisto
11.00-11.30 Keskustelu
11.30-11.40 Jako pienryhmiin ja ohjeistus
11.40-12.40 Lounas
12.45-15.00 Pienryhmä road show  (lisätietoja saat avaamalla linkin) (Salit AU202, 203, 204 ja 205)
Kansalaisen sydämen paikat, kielet ja kulttuurit
Terveyden utopiat
Kansalaistiede ja psykologia
Kansalaistiede ekologisen tutkimuksen välineenä
15.00-15.30 Kahvi
Sali AU206
15.30-16.15 Tiedettä lasten kanssa
Tutkimusjohtaja Ilari Sääksjärvi, Eläinmuseo, Turun yliopiston biodiversiteettitutkimus
16.15-16.30 Keskustelu ja päivän päätös


LYY seminar:  Environmental Histories 

Monday 15 January, 13-16, BOR101 

Borealis building, Joensuu campus, University of Eastern Finland 

Welcome to a LYY seminar on environmental histories. Seminar is open for all. No registration required.  


Prof. Rauno Sairinen 
Opening of the seminar 

Željko Oset:  
Environmental Activism during the Communist Era in Slovenia  

Paula Schönach: 
Shifting emphases of water protection in post-war Finland 

Ismo Björn:  
Old and new movements in mining and forestry since World War II in Finland 


Željko Oset (1984) is historian, an Assistant Professor of Cultural History at the School of Humanities, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. His main research interests are: contemporary cultural history in Slovenia, history of scientific institutions, illegal transfer of cultural assets, environmental awareness in the 20th century and women in science. He is the author of two books about history of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts, and several papers about prominent Slovene scientists. 

Paula Schönach is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki. Her research interests include urban environmental history with special emphasis on water related issues: water supply and wastewater infrastructures; the history of water pollution and protection; and rivers. The geographical focus of her research has covered mainly Finland and the Baltic Sea Region. 

Ismo Björn is a historian, adjunct professor in UEF and Turku. He has studied environmental history, sport (today ski jumping, and ski jumping tower in landscape), local history. His was born in Outokumpu beside the Outokumpu mine. 


Year 2017

Exploring the nexus of natural resources, conflict and peacebuilding

Expert workshop on 11th December 2017 in Helsinki “” In Finlandia Hall, Mannerheimintie 13, Helsinki

The workshop will engage specialists, policy-makers and researchers in a dialogue exploring the natural resources, environment, conflicts and peacebuilding nexus. We will share insights and experiences and devise new initiatives for knowledge development and capacitation of this field in Finland.


LYY-instituutin 10-vuotisjuhla ja professori Pertti Rannikon emeritusluento ke 18.10. klo 12.15-14 (E100)

Avaussanat, akateeminen rehtori Harri Siiskonen

Yhteiskuntatieteellinen ympäristötutkimus Joensuun ja Itä-Suomen yliopistojen profiilialana - ensimmäiset 10 vuotta, professori Tapio Määttä

Yhteiskuntatieteellisen ympäristötutkimuksen tulevaisuus osana Itä-Suomen yliopiston "Ympäristön muutos ja luonnonvarojen riittävyys" -profiilialuetta, professori Rauno Sairinen

Pienten lukujen suuruus, ympäristöpolitiikan professori Pertti Rannikon emeritusluento


Beyond Wicked Problems - the vicious and virtuous circles of food, poverty, population and development

Science journalist, author and PhD Ville Lähde will give a public lecture “" in LYY’s doctoral seminar in Joensuu at the University of Eastern Finland on Tuesday 19th September 15: 00 – 16:10 in the Natura house N104 (Yliopistokatu 7).

Ville Lähde (( is a science journalist, author and PhD, who has a long career in the philosophical journal “niin & näin”. He has participated in the production of many books relating to environmental issues, and he has published the books “Niukkuuden maailmassa” [World of Scarcity] (2013) and “Paljon liikkuvia osia” (2015). Currently he is working as a researcher in the independent BIOS Research Unit that is engaged in multidisciplinary environmental studies and public outreach (


LYY/SGNR seminar “Society and sustainability transitions”, 21/22.09.2017

We cordially invite PhD students and young researchers to submit presentations to the LYY institute & SGNR research area seminar “Society and sustainability transitions” at the Department of Geographical and Historical studies at UEF, 21/22.09.2017.

The aim of the seminar is to present and discuss research related to a topic that stands at the core of current societal transformations: the transition towards sustainable pathways in many aspects of daily live. The seminar is open to a wide focus on sustainable approaches of production, consumption or resource extraction and their interlinkage with societal stakeholders. The seminar will focus particularly on the links between societal actors and sustainable transition pathways/instruments reaching from policy engagement, community activism, integration or protest towards behavioral aspects related to sustainable transitions. Throughout the seminar, we hope to get a deeper understanding about the role of society within sustainable transition processes and how this role may shape sustainable development in particular and in general.
For PhD students and young researchers whose research is to some degree related to this topic the seminar will provide a good possibility to receive external academic guidance and to present their own results to a like-minded research community.

In the seminar, two distinguished scientists will give short key notes, comment on you presentations and participate in the final group discussion. The keynote speakers and their topics are:

•    Professor Paul Upham, Faculty of Sustainability, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany.
“Agent psychology and socio-technical transitions: state of play and research agenda”

•    Professor Harri Siiskonen, Academic Rector, University of Eastern Finland.
“Environmental history and sustainability research at UEF”


PhD School and Research Seminar:

The notions and concepts of Responsive Natural Resources Governance

Joensuu, 12.6.2017 at 10:00-21:00

More info


Managing the wild - managing conflict
Seminar, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, 23.5.2017

Presenters: Yorck von Korff (flow-ing) has more than 15 years of experience in designing and carrying out participatory projects and training. Isabelle Arpin (Irstea, France) is a sociologist who studies contemporary ways of investigating and managing biodiversity, with a special interest in collaborations between scientists and various kinds of nature managers. She also has a long-standing interest in relationships with wild animals. Markku Oksanen (University of Eastern Finland), a docent in environmental philosophy, has published widely on environmental ethics.  

Introduction: Protection of wildlife or their natural habitats is not easily integrated with other uses of natural areas. The numerous conflicts over wildlife and natural habitats demonstrate the complexity of environmental governance, as there is need to reconcile different perspectives and knowledges. In addition, the ideals and concepts of wild/ness, wildlife and wilderness have been challenged. Failure to halt the loss of biodiversity by conventional means has triggered new ways of doing conservation. Examples include rewilding experiments, assisted migration, and the support of novel ecosystems. These have not, however, provided final solutions to the dilemma of how to integrate conservation goals and use of natural resources, but may have triggered new problems and disputes.


LYY-Insitute's and its strong research area SGNR's (Sustainable Governance of Natural Resources) research seminar "Current and future challenges of sustainable natural resource governance".

16th of February, 2017. 

The aim of seminar is to discuss the current and future challenges which influence the possibilities and targets for sustainable natural resources economy and policy. How does the natural resources economy contribute and environmental changes influence into general social and regional development? What kind of need and trends we have on regulatory and institutional levels?

Please see further information and pdf-presentations: here. 


Year 2016

LYY seminar Collaborative approaches to knowledge and conflict

on Monday 28th November at 13:00

You are able to join the seminar also online here:

Please, inform your participation to seminar/webinar to


Time: 13:00-14:15

Venue: Natura N105

13:00 Introduction to the seminar day. Professor Rauno Sairinen

13:15 Senior Research Scientist Taru Peltola (Syke): Citizen Science - Science for everybody or co-production of conflict?

13:45 Professor Lasse Peltonen (UEF): Joint fact finding and collaborative policies.

14:15 Coffee break

After coffee break seminar will be continued for LYY doctoral students beginning at 14.45.




Seminar: Integrated Governance of natural resources - law, policy and practices. See PDF
Ilomantsi, 7th - 8th of June, 2016

The main aim of the seminar is to bring together academic scholars to discuss integrated approaches to the governance of natural resources and to analyze the means for integrating competing uses of natural resources based on the recent research. The seminar focuses on the research that engages, in particular, with mining and forestry. It addresses the question of how to integrate mining and forestry sustainably with other land use interests and what type of tools, such as land-use planning, impact assessments or mediations, could be useful to that end. Reducing conflicts in the mining and forestry sectors through environmentally and socially responsible management practices belongs also to the key themes of the seminar. Furthermore, the event is open for the papers teasing out the theories and concepts, such as social license to operate (SLO), related to sustainable use of natural resources.


Intensive Summer Course 8th-19th August, 2016: Environmental collaboration and conflict resolution: tools for analysis and intervention (5 ECTS).

The two-week course seeks to further our understanding of environmental conflicts and the possibilities of resolving them through collaborative management and participatory interventions. It is both academic and practice-driven; i.e. the course contents provide theoretical underpinnings and conflict analysis perspectives, but also include practice-oriented skills in assessments and interventions in conflict situations. The course is funded by NOVA network and University of Eastern Finland. There are no course fees for NOVA PhD students and our cooperating universities.

The first week will be compulsory for the Masters students. If you are the PhD students, you could join to the first week's sessions or carry out the writing task before joining to the course. The second week will be more action oriented and compulsory for all the students.

Please, see further information and register via:



Year 2015

The Seminar of Strong Research Area “Sustainable Governance of Natural Resources” (SGNR) (under the LYY network)
Joensuu, the 9th December

• • • • • •
LYY Seminar: The Notions and Concepts in Natural Resources Governance: Traditional and local knowledge versus external expertise, agreements and innovations

Joensuu, 24th of November
Organized in cooperation with Academy of Finland funded research projects related to Responsive Natural Resources Governance and Changes of Governance Institutions in the Context of Irregular Forest Activities.

• • • • • •

Responsive and Deliberative Governance in Natural Resources Management and Policy
Joensuu, 16th-17th of April 2015

• • • • • •

From pit to the people – social acceptance and local governance of mining industry
Heureka, Vantaa 16th-17th of March 2015
Organized by Responsible mining -Argumenta-project (funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation) in co-operation with TEKES Green Mining -programme projects SoLiMi and SAM a conference about social acceptance and local governance of mining industry.

• • • • • •

Development Day 2015:
Rethinking Responsibility in Development: Contested Relations between Citizens, States and Corporations
Helsinki 12th – 13th of February 2015

Organized by the Finnish Society for Development Research, in cooperation with HUGS (University of
Helsinki), LYY Institute and UNIPID