152/2019 KISEL Kristina: Proping the effect of coordination environment on the photophysical behavior of rhenium(I) luminophores (epäorgaaninen kemia)

151/2019 CHAKKARADHARI Gomathy: Tuning the emission properties of oligophosphine copper and silver complexes with ancillary ligans (epäorgaaninen kemia)

150/2019 MIELONEN Kati: Hierarchically structured polymer surfaces: Curved surfaces and sliding behavior on ice (fysikaalinen kemia)


149/2018 SIVCHIK Vasily: Tuning the photoluminescence of cyclometalated platinum(II) compounds via axial and non-axial interactions (epäorgaaninen kemia)

148/2018 PENTTINEN Leena: Stucture determination of enzymes with potential in processing of cell wall compounds (orgaaninen kemia)

147/2018 ANKUDZE Bright: Syntheses of gold and silver nanoparticles on support materials for trace analyses using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (materiaalikemia)


146/2017 RAHMAN Mohammad Mubinur: Structure and function of iron-sulfur cluster containing pentonate dehydratases (orgaaninen kemia)

145/2017 PHILIP Anish: PEI-mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles and their deposition on silicon oxide supports for SERS and catalysis applications (materiaalikemia)

144/2017 AMMOSOVA Lena: Selective modification and controlled deposition on polymer surfaces (fysikaalinen kemia)

143/2017 DAU Thuy Minh: Luminescent coinage metal complexes based on multidentate phosphine ligands (epäorgaaninen kemia)

142/2017 SAFDAR Muhammad: Manganese oxide based catalytic micromotors: synthesis, characterization and applications (orgaaninen kemia)

141/2017 NISSINEN Ville: The roles of multidentate ether and amine electron donors in the crystal structure formation of magnesium chloride supports (materiaalikemia)


140/2016 LAITAOJA Mikko: Structure-function studies of zinc proteins (orgaaninen kemia)

139/2016 KIRVESLAHTI Anna: Polymer wettability properties: their modification and influences upon water movement (fysikaalinen kemia)

138/2016 MYLLER Antti: The effect of a coupling agent on the formation of areaselective monolayers of iron alpha-octabutoxy phthalocyanine on a nano-patterned titanium dioxide carrier (materiaalikemia)

137/2016 LAVIKAINEN Lasse: The structure and surfaces of 2:1 phyllosilicate clay minerals (fysikaalinen kemia)

136/2016 OFORI Albert: Inter- and intramolecular interactions in the stabilization and coordination of palladium and silver complexes: DFT and QTAIM studies (epäorgaaninen kemia)

135/2016 SUN Linlin: The effects of structural and environmental factors on the swelling behavior of Montmorillonite-Beidellite smectites: a molecular dynamics approach (fysikaalinen kemia)


134/2015 HILLI Yulia: The structure-activity relationship of Pd-Ni three-way catalysts for H2S suppression (fysikaalinen kemia)

133/2015 CHAUDRI Adil Maqsood: Tribological behavior of the polymers used in drug delivery devices (materiaalikemia)

132/2015 SALSTELA Janne: Influence of surface structuring on physical and mechanical properties of polymer-cellulose fiber composites and metal-polymer composite joints (materiaalikemia)

131/2015 KUKLIN Mikhail S.: Towards optimization of metallocene olefin polymerization catalysts via structural modifications: a computational approach (fysikaalinen kemia)

130/2015 TABERMAN Helena: Structure and function of carbohydrate-modifying enzymes (orgaaninen kemia)

129/2015 JIANG Yu: Modification and applications of micro-structured polymer surfaces (fysikaalinen kemia)

128/2015 TUIKKA Matti: Crystal engineering studies of barium biphosphonates, iodine bridged ruthemium complexes, and copper chlorides (epäorgaaninen kemia)

127/2015 KOSKINEN Laura: Structural and Computational Studies on the Coordinative Nature of Halogen Bonding (epäorgaaninen kemia)


126/2014 EROLA Markus: Synthesis of Colloidal Gold and Polymer Particles and Use of the Particles in Preparation of Hierarchical Structures with Selfassembly (materiaalikemia)

125/2014 HUOVINEN Eero: Fabrication of Hierarchically Structured Polymer Surfaces (fysikaalinen kemia)

124/2014 KORPELA Tarmo: Friction and Wear of Micro-Structured Polymer (materiaalikemia)

123/2014 PIRINEN Sami: Studies on MgCl2/ether Supports in Ziegler-Natta Catalysts for Ethylene Polyemerization (materiaalikemia)

122/2014 BAZHENOV Andrey: Towards Deeper Atomic-level Understanding of the Strcucture of Magnesium Dichloride and Its Performance as a Support in the Ziegler-Natta Catalytic System (fysikaalinen kemia)

121/2014 KEKÄLÄINEN Timo: Characterization of Petroleum and Bio-Oil Samples by Ultrahigh-Resolution Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (orgaaninen kemia)

120/2014 STENBERG Henna: Studies on Self-organizing Layered Coatings (materiaalikemia)

119/2013 TAKKUNEN Laura: Three-dimensional roughness analysis for multiscale textured surfaces: Quantitative characterization and simulation of micro- and nanoscale structures (fysikaalinen kemia)

118/2013 TIMONEN Juri: Synthesis, characterization and anti-inflammatory effects of substituted coumarine derivatives (orgaaninen kemia)

117/2013 LAINE Anniina: Elementary reactions in metallocene/methylaluminoxane catalyzed polyolefin synthesis (fysikaalinen kemia)

116/2012 PÖLLÄNEN Maija: Morphological, Thermal, Mechanical, and Tribological Studies of Polyethylene Composites Reinforced with Micro- and Nanofillers (materiaalikemia)

115/2012 MAKSIMAINEN Mirko: Structural Studies of Trichoderma Reesei, Aspergillus Oryzae and Bacillus Circulans sp. Alkalophilus Beta-galactosidases - Novel Insights into a Structure-function Relationship (orgaaninen kemia)

114/2012 LAURILA Elina: Non-covalent Interactions in Rh, Ru, Os, and Ag Complexes (epäorgaaninen kemia)

113/2012 JOKI-KORPELA Fatima: Functional polyurethane-based films and coatings (materiaalikemia)

112/2012 KORHONEN Tuulia: The wettability properties of nano- and micro-modified paint surfaces (fysikaalinen kemia)

111/2012 KONTKANEN Maija-Liisa: Catalyst carrier studies for 1-hexene hydroformylation: cross-linked poly(4-vinylpyridine), nano zinc oxide and one-dimensional ruthenium polymer (fysikaalinen kemia)

110/2011 TORVINEN Mika: Mass Spectrometric Studies of Host-Guest Complexes of Glucosylcalixarenes (orgaaninen kemia)

109/2011 KINNUNEN Niko: Methane combustion activity of Al2O3-supported Pd, Pt, and Pd-Pt catalysts: Experimental and theoretical studies (fysikaalinen kemia)

108/2011 KALLIO Juha: Structural Studies of Ascomycete Laccases – Insights into the Reaction Pathways (orgaaninen kemia)

107/2011 KASANEN Jussi: Photocatalytic TiO2-based multilayer coating on polymer substrate for use in self-cleaning applications (materiaalikemia)

106/2011 RÖNKKÖ Hanna-Leena: Studies on MgCl2/alcohol adducts and a self-supported Ziegler-Natta catalyst for propene polymerization (materiaalikemia)

105/2011 NISKANEN Mika: DFT Studies on Ruthenium and Rhodium Chain Complexes and a One-Dimensional Iodine Bridged Ruthenium Complex (fysikaalinen kemia)

104/2011 SAARIKOSKI Inka: Tailoring of optical transmittance, reflectance and hydrophobicity of polymers by micro and nanoscale structuring (fysikaalinen kemia)

103/2010 RASILAINEN Tiina: Controlling water on polypropylene surfaces with micro- and micro/nanostructures (fysikaalinen kemia)

102/2010 NIEMI Merja: A Molecular Basis for Antibody Specificity : Crystal Structures of IgE-Allergen and IgG-Hapten Complexes (orgaaninen kemia)

101/2010 KUNNAS-HILTUNEN Susan: Syntheses, X-ray Diffraction Study and Characterisations of Metal Complexes of Clodronic Acid and Its Symmetrical Dianhydride Derivatives (epäorgaaninen kemia)


100/2009 HYYRYLÄINEN Anna: Differentiation of Diastereomeric and Enantiomeric β-Amino Acids by Mass Spectrometry (orgaaninen kemia)

99/2009 KALIMA Valtteri: Controlled Replication of Patterned Polymer and Nanocomposite Surfaces for Micro-Optical Applications (materiaalikemia)

98/2009 JOKINIEMI Jonna: Structural studies on metal complexes of mixed amide esters and phenyl and monoalkyl ester derivatives of dichloromethylene bisphosphinic acid (epäorgaaninen kemia)

97/2008 TANSKANEN Jukka: One- and Two-dimensional Nanostructures of Group 14 Elemental Hydrides and Group 13–15 Binary Hydrides (fysikaalinen kemia)

96/2008 KARTTUNEN Virve: The Influence of Ligand Structure of Hafnocene Catalysts on Ethene Polymerization Studied by Quantum Chemical Methods (fysikaalinen kemia)

95/2008 PARKKINEN Tarja: Structural Studies on Proteins with Industrial Potential: ENA11His Fab Fragment, Streptomyces rubiginosus Xylose Isomerase, Trichoderma reesei Xylanase IV and Melanocarpus albomyces Cellobiohydrolase (orgaaninen kemia)

94/2008 MONNI Janne: Controlled Synthesis, Curing, and Modification of Phenol-Formaldehyde Resol Resins (materiaalikemia)

93/2008 MIIKKULAINEN Ville: Molybdenum Nitride Thin Films on Micro- and Nanopatterned Substrates: Atomic Layer Deposition and Applications (fysikaalinen kemia)

92/2008 HIRVI Janne: Wetting of smooth and nanostructured polyethylene and polyvinylchloride surfaces studied by molecular dynamics simulations (fysikaalinen kemia)

91/2007 MARJASVAARA Asse: Mass spectrometric characterization of laccases: their catalyzing properties and molecular structure (orgaaninen kemia)

90/2007 KOSKILINNA Jussi: Quantum chemical studies on atomic-scale tribology of diamond and boron nitride (fysikaalinen kemia)

89/2007 JAKONEN Minna: Surface-assisted synthesis of ruthenium, rhodium, and osmium carbonyl complexes, and effect of ligands on their behavior (fysikaalinen kemia)

88/2007 PAUNIKALLIO Teemu: Tailoring the adhesion in viscose fiber reinforced polypropylene and polyamide composites (materiaalikemia)

87/2007 KOPONEN Hanna-Kaisa: Soiling and wetting of polymers: smooth and structured poly(vinyl chloride) and cycloolefin copolymer surfaces (fysikaalinen kemia)

86/2007 KARTTUNEN Antti: Structural principles of group 14 icosahedral hydrides and elemental nanostructures of phosphorus and arsenic (fysikaalinen kemia)

85/2007 PUUKILAINEN Esa: Chemically modified and surface structured hydrophobic polyolefins (fysikaalinen kemia)

84/2006 TURUNEN Jani: The role of mesoporous silica and alumina as metallocene catalyst supports in the formation of polyethylene nanofibers (materiaalikemia)

83/2006 HOLOPAINEN Timo: Studies on phenol-formaldehyde resol resins for adhesives and overlays (materiaalikemia)

82/2006 HILTUNEN Eveliina: Phenolic extractives and discolouration of dried silver and white birch (Betula pendula and Betula pubescens) wood (materiaalikemia)

81/2006 NEITOLA Raisa: Ab initio studies on the atomic-scale origin of friction between interacting surfaces: diamond, fluorinated diamond, graphite, and hydrocarbons (fysikaalinen kemia)

80/2006 KOPONEN Markus: Noble metal promoted perovskites: reactivity and catalytic activity (fysikaalinen kemia)

79/2006 ORESMAA Larisa: Synthesis, characterization and nitric oxide donation of imidazole nitrolic acids and amidoximes and their esters (orgaaninen kemia)

78/2006 HAKANPÄÄ Johanna: Structural studies of Trichoderma reesei hydrophobins HFBI and HFBII – the molecular basis for function of fungal amphiphiles (orgaaninen kemia)

77/2006 VENTOLA Elina: Host-guest chemistry of resorcarene derivatives studied by ESI-FTICR mass spectrometry (orgaaninen kemia)

76/2005 MORENO M. Andreina: Ruthenium and iridium carbonyls. Catalytic activity and formation of ruthenium complexes containing aromatic nitrogen donor and phosphane ligands (fysikaalinen kemia)

75/2005 KATAJISTO Jussi: Properties of polycarbonate polymers and cyclo-olefin copolymers predicted by ab initio and molecular simulation techniques (fysikaalinen kemia)

74/2005 FENEL Fred: Mutational studies of the industrially important family 11 xylanase from Trichoderma reesei (orgaaninen kemia)

73/2005 KONTTURI Mervi: Crystal structures and characterisation of metal complexes of dichloromethylene bisphosphonate and of its symmetrical dialkyl ester derivatives (epäorgaaninen kemia)

72/2005 JÄNIS Janne: Structural, thermodynamic, and kinetic characterization of xylanases by electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (orgaaninen kemia)


71/2004 LATVA Sanna: Metal-modified activated charcoals in concentration and separation of arsenic, selenium and chromium species before EDXRF and GFAAS analyses (epäorgaaninen kemia)

70/2004 PORENTO Mika: Theoretical ab initio studies on the interaction of sulphydryl collectors with selected metal ions and sulphide minerals (fysikaalinen kemia)

69/2004 MONONEN Kirsi: Discoloration of silver birch (Betula pendula) wood induced by kiln drying and hydrogen peroxide bleaching (materiaalikemia)

68/2004 LUHTANEN Tommi: Theoretical studies on aluminoxane co-catalysts and magnesium dichloride supports of polymerization catalysts: from monomers to nanostructures and solids (fysikaalinen kemia)

67/2004 HUKKAMÄKI Jarkko: Preparation of micro- and mesoporous silica materials, and templating effect of MCM-41 and SBA-15 silicas on cobalt deposition (materiaalikemia)

66/2003 JALKANEN Jukka-Pekka: Quantum chemical potential energy surfaces for small hydrocarbon molecules (fysikaalinen kemia)

65/2003 MÄKINEN Marko: Conformational properties, intra-molecular H-bonds and supramolecular complex formation of tetraethyl resorcarene: an ab initio and ESI-FTICR mass spectrometric study (orgaaninen kemia)

64/2003 RUUSKA Henna: Ab initio cluster model study on interaction of water with calcite, graphite, and copper surfaces (fysikaalinen kemia)

63/2003 GOLDE Martin: Catalysts for heterogenous hydrogenation of aldonic acids (fysikaalinen kemia)

62/2003 KARVINEN Saila: Experimental and theoretical studies on doped and undoped rutile and anatase TiO2 for photocatalyst and pigment use (fysikaalinen kemia)

61/2003 HAKULINEN Nina: Structural biology of wood degrading enzymes (orgaaninen kemia)

60/2002 NOUSIAINEN Marjaana: Osteocalcin, calmodulin, and troponin C: metal ion and peptide binding study by electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (orgaaninen kemia)

59/2002 LUTZ Matthias: Tin and zirconium heterodimetallic complexes stabilized by tripodal amido ligands (fysikaalinen kemia)

58/2002 LAINE Olli: Structural characterization of synthetic polymers by mass spectrometry (orgaaninen kemia)

57/2002 VALJAKKA Jarkko: Crystal structures of recombinant anti-testosterone Fab-fragments: Insights into antibody engineering (orgaaninen kemia)

56/2002 KINNUNEN Toni: Experimental and theoretical studies on the effects of ligand modifications in bipyridine complexes of ruthenium and nickel (fysikaalinen kemia)

55/2001 LAITINEN Tuomo: Studies of the functional properties of endoxylanase II from Trichoderma reesei (orgaaninen kemia)

54/2001 SUOMALAINEN Pekka: Structural and theoretical studies on triphenylphosphane derivatives and application as ligands in rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation of 1-hexene (fysikaalinen kemia)

53/2001 UUSITALO Anne-Marja: Silica supported MAO activated Ti, Zr, Hf, and Cr catalysts for ethene polymerization (materiaalikemia)

52/2001 RÄTY Jarkko: Re2(CO)10 deposited on g-alumina: temperature programmed studies, modelling and activity in thiophene hydrodesulphurisation (fysikaalinen kemia)

51/2001 LINNOLAHTI Mikko: Correlations between ligand structure and polymerization activity of zirconocene catalysts studied by ab initio Hartree-Fock method (fysikaalinen kemia)

50/2001 NUUTINEN Jari: Mass spectrometric studies on noncovalent interactions in host-guest and metal complexes of cavitands, formazans, and piperazine-containing ligands (orgaaninen kemia)

49/2001 MÖNKKÖNEN Kari: Metallocene based cycloolefin copolymers: Synthesis, characterization and applications (materiaalikemia)

48/2000 OINONEN Carita: The structural biology of human aspartylglucosaminidase (orgaaninen kemia)

47/2000 LUUKKANEN Saija: Chemically modified ruthenium-bipyridine compounds: synthesis, characterization and catalytic behavior in water gas shift reaction (fysikaalinen kemia)

46/2000 ESKELINEN Esa: Electrochemical characterisation and photochemical ligand substitution reactions of ruthenium(II) bipyridine derivatives (fysikaalinen kemia)

45/2000 JUVASTE Hannele: Preparation and characterization of heterogeneous constrained-geometry catalysts of group 4 transition metals (materiaalikemia)

44/2000 LASAROV Harri: Synthesis and characterization of ethylene-cycloolefin co- and terpolymers prepared with single-site catalysts (materiaalikemia)


43/1999 SUVANTO Sari: Co2(CO)8 adsorbed on SiO2 and MCM-41: Gas phase preparation and characterisation (fysikaalinen kemia)

42/1999 MYLLYOJA Sari: Chromium hexacarbonyl supported on alumina and silica surfaces by gas phase adsorption; characterisation and activity in hydrodesulphurisation (fysikaalinen kemia)

41/1999 KURHINEN Maria: Interactions of Mo(CO)6 and Co2(CO)8 with alumina and silica supports: IR spectroscopic, modelling and temperature programmed studies (fysikaalinen kemia)

40/1999 SUVANTO Mika: Hydrotreating catalysts based on tungsten hexacarbonyl: Controlled preparation, characterisation and activity in thiophene hydrodesulphurisation (fysikaalinen kemia)

39/1999 TIMONEN Sari: Novel metallocene-type transition metal catalysts for ethylene polymerization (materiaalikemia)

38/1998 TIMONEN Juha: High field NMR studies of solids and surfaces (materiaalikemia)

37/1998 AULASKARI Paula: Preparation of histamine analogues with potential pharmaceutical activity (orgaaninen kemia)

36/1998 JOUTSINIEMI Karoliina: Mass spectrometric studies on differently substituted mono- and multi-ring N,N, N,O and N,S heterocycles (orgaaninen kemia)

35/1998 TYNJÄLÄ Pekka: Modification of the shape selective properties of microporous zeolites (materiaalikemia)

34/1998 HOMANEN Pertti: Catalyst precursors for the water-gas shift reaction: Synthesis and characterization of modified ruthenium mono(2,2'-bipyridine) complexes (fysikaalinen kemia)

33/1998 HÄRKÖNEN Aapo: Synthesis and characterization of derivatives of tetranuclear mixed-metal clusters of ruthenium and iridium (fysikaalinen kemia)

32/1997 KALLINEN Kauko: Reactivity studies of derivatives of [Ru3(CO)12], [H4Ru4(CO)12] and [Rh6(CO)16] clusters (fysikaalinen kemia)

31/1997 RÄSÄNEN Tiina: Substitution reactions of clusters of ruthenium, cobalt and rhodium with heteroatom containing ligand (fysikaalinen kemia)

30/1997 LAHTELA-KAKKONEN Maija: Theoretical studies on lubricants: Molecular and dynamics modeling of branched alkanes (fysikaalinen kemia)

29/1996 PUHAKKA, Eini: Ab initio studies on the heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalyst system (fysikaalinen kemia)

28/1996 PAKARINEN Jaana: Mass spectrometric and ab initio molecular orbital calculation studies of hydroxyacetone, 2-methoxyethanol and methyl propionate (orgaaninen kemia)

27/1996 KIVIAHO Jari: Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysed by cobalt-rhodium and cobalt-ruthenium carbonyl clusters on silica (fysikaalinen kemia)

26/1995 KAKKONEN Heikki: Stabilization of tetrahedral mixed metal clusters of ruthenium, rhodium and cobalt with phosphine ligands (epäorgaaninen kemia)

25/1995 RÄSÄNEN Jari: Interaction of monoanionic phosphonates and phosphinates, their sulfur analogues and dianionic bisphosphonates with dicationic calcium and magnesium ions (fysikaalinen kemia)

24/1995 PARTANEN Tuula: Mass spectrometric studies of cyclic diols, amino alcohols, amino acids and their heterocyclic derivatives. Stereochemical effects in the electron ionization, chemical ionization and collision-induced dissociation mass spectra. (orgaaninen kemia)

23/1995 MUILU Juha: Use of translational properties in ab initio electronic structure studies. ZnS clusters and crystallites. (fysikaalinen kemia)

22/1995 PERÄNIEMI Sirpa: Preconcentration of phosphorus, chromium, arsenic, selenium, mercury and gold onto activated charcoal before determination by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (epäorgaaninen kemia)

21/1995 HUKKA Terttu: Interaction of hydrogen, halogens, hydrogen halides and Cxy radicals on the (100) surfaces of diamond and germanium (fysikaalinen kemia)

20/1995 HAUKKA Matti: Ruthenium monobipyridines derived from Ru3(CO)12, [Ru(CO)3Cl2]2 and 2,2'- bipyridine. Applications to heterogeneous 1-hexene hydroformulation and use as model compounds for intermediates and active catalysts in water gas shift reaction and reduction of CO2. (fysikaalinen kemia)


19/1994 TÖRRÖNEN Anneli: Two major endo-1,4-b-xylanases from Trichoderma reesei (orgaaninen kemia)

18/1994 PERÄKYLÄ Mikael: Ab initio quantum mechanical studies on bioreceptor-ligand systems. The model assembly approach. (fysikaalinen kemia)

17/1994 KAUPPINEN Matti: Determination of arsenic, gold, osmium, rhodium and ruthenium in aqueous or in organic solutions by plasma atomic emission or atomic absorption methods (epäorgaaninen kemia)

16/1994 HOFFRÉN Anna-Marja: Computer-aided protein modelling: Applications to antibody and enzyme engineering (fysikaalinen kemia)

15/1993 IISKOLA Eero: Studies on the chemistry of donors in heterogenous TiCl4/MgCl2-supported catalysts and stereoselective polymerization of propene (fysikaalinen kemia)

14/1992 LINDBLAD Marina: Cluster models for chemisorption on nonmetallic surfaces (fysikaalinen kemia)

13/1992 VEPSÄLÄINEN Jouko: Preparation of novel halomethylenebisphosphonate partial esters as drugs (orgaaninen kemia)

12/1992 HIRVA Pipsa: Theoretical studies on the adsorption interactions on inorganic surfaces (fysikaalinen kemia)

11/1992 ROSSI Sirpa: Organochalcogenide ligands in clusters of ruthenium, cobalt and rhodium (fysikaalinen kemia)

10/1992 ALVILA Leila: Hydroformylation of C3-C7 olefins with group 8-9 metal carbonyl and chloride derived catalysts (fysikaalinen kemia)

9/1991 BJÖRKROTH Jussi-Pekka: Evaluation of structure-activity relationships in drug design and an application to bisphosphonates (fysikaalinen kemia)

8/1990 ROUVINEN Juha: Three-dimensional structure and function of cellobiohydrolase II (orgaaninen kemia)


7/1989 HIETANIEMI Lauri: Studies on b-blockers. Synthesis, analysis and inversion of enantiomers thereof. (orgaaninen kemia)

6/1988 NEVALAINEN Vesa: Systematic retrosynthetic analysis applied in the preparation of antifungal 5,6-dihydro-1,4-oxathlines and 5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiines. The merits of manual and computer-assisted synthetic analyses and evaluation of synthetic pathways verified by experiments. (orgaaninen kemia)

5/1987 HÄNNINEN Kari: Phenolic acids in humus chemistry (orgaaninen kemia)

4/1987 VENÄLÄINEN Tapani: Heteronuclear cluster compounds of iron, ruthenium and osmium. Characterization and catalytic application. (fysikaalinen kemia)

3/1987 VAINIOTALO Anto: Studies on complexation of dioxouranium(VI) with some 1- and 2-monoximes of sulphonated 1,2-naphthoquinones (orgaaninen kemia)

2/1987 PURSIAINEN Jouni: Studies on mixed-metal clusters containing cobalt, ruthenium and rhodium and on the catalytic reactivity of homogeneous ruthenium-rhodium and ruthenium-cobalt systems (fysikaalinen kemia)

1/1985 VAINIOTALO Pirjo: Studies on pyrolytic and mass spectrometric decompositions of some bicyclic alcohols and acetates (orgaaninen kemia)