Innovating Management Research Group

Leaders: professors Päivi Eriksson and Hanna Lehtimäki

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are key drivers for economic growth and socially responsible business. The challenges of our time urge SMEs to regularly renew their business and themselves according to the guidelines of ethical and profitable business. In this process, access to the best critical thinking and substantial, practice-based research is essential.

Members of the research group have an excellent track record in management-related innovation research, which increasingly combines business studies with arts and sciences. Where appropriate, we work closely with our company partners to bridge the worlds of academic research and business practice. Method-wise, our work draws from qualitative and critical research approaches, which also form a central area of excellence in our research group.

The Doctoral Program of the Business School offers an excellent concentration on Innovation Management with a global research network.  We also prepare business students to put innovation into practice with two exciting international master programmes: Innovation Management and Health and Business. Both doctoral and master's programs provide a wide selection of courses to international exchange students.