Utilities (heating, electricity, water) and Home Insurance


Most homes in cities and towns have district heating systems (kaukolämpö). Heating expenses are usually included in the rent. However, if you live in a detached house or outside the city/town, you might have electric heating or oil heating and you should be prepared to pay for them.


Electricity is not usually included in the rent and you need to make an electricity contract (sähkösopimus) as soon as possible. You can make a contract by contacting the electricity company of your choice. If you move, remember to terminate or update your electricity contract.


Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö
Tel: +358 (0)800 98 093
Email: asiakaspalvelu(at)pks.fi

Tel: +358 (0)800 1 9900 (local freephone)
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8.00-18.00


Kuopion Energia
Tel: +358 (0)20 520 01
Email: asiakaspalvelu(at)kuopionenergia.fi

Savon Voima
Tel. +358 (0)800 30 140
Email: asiakaspalvelu(at)savonvoima.fi


Water is often included in the rent. In some cases, however, you need to pay an additional monthly water fee either on the  basis of water consumption, or a fixed sum depending on the number of people in living in the apartment. Check your rental agreement to see whether water is included in the rent or whether you have to pay for the water separately.

Internet Connection

In recently built apartments internet access is often included in your rent. However, it is very likely that you need to make your own agreement with one of the Internet service providers to get an Internet connection.

Home Insurance

We highly recommend that you purchase a home insurance policy. The price of the home insurance policy  depends on the size of the apartment, how valuable the movables are and how extensive the insurance cover is. Basic level home insurance is approximately €45-76 /year for a 28m² apartment. Please note that landlords often require that tenants purchase home insurance on rented property. For further information on insurances, please see Expat Finland.

Some insurance companies in Finland.