Finnish trains are operated by the state-owned Valtion Rautatiet (VR). They serve all the major cities and many rural areas, though railway connections are available to fewer places than bus connections. Information on routes, timetables and ticket prices is available in English on their website


Tickets can be bought from the VR online shop, at the train stations and ticket conductors on the train. Please note that tickets purchased onboard trains are €2-5 more expensive than purchased from the VR ticket office at the railway stations. There is no extra charge if there is no ticket office /ticket machine at the station.

When you plan your journey well in advance you can save money by buying the Advance ticket. Advance tickets are sold 60-7 days prior to your departure at VR Mobile or Online Shop. Please note that the Advance ticket is valid only on the date and train indicated on the ticket.

Customer Loyalty Programme "Veturi"

It is worthwhile to sign up for VR's free customer loyalty program called Veturi. Members of the loyalty programme will get advance information on bargain ticket campaigns, services, benefits etc.

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