Trade Unions

Almost three-quarters of employees belong to a trade union in Finland. There are three main trade union confederations: SAK, STTK and AKAVA. All three confederations have a number of occupationally or/and industry affiliated unions.  One of the most important duties of the confederations is to negotiate collective agreements (covering for example salaries, annual leaves and working times) for their members.

Union members can get legal advice, insurance benefits and assistance in questions related to salary and labour market and working life. When you join a trade union, you usually automatically get a membership of an unemployment fund.  If you have been a member of a trade union for 10 months during your employment and get unemployed, members of the unemployment funds can get earnings-related daily unemployment allowance which is higher than the basic unemployment allowance. NB! Please check the conditions for entitlement to unemployment allowance as a foreign citizen from your trade union.

You can join a trade union by filling in an application form online at the trade unions' website or by contacting a union representative at the UEF. Trade union members pay a membership fee to the union. You can find the fees at the union's website.


Akava - Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland

  • Akava affiliated unions
  • Union representative at the UEF: Antero Puhakka (Public Sector Negotiating Commission, JUKO),  antero.puhakka(at)


STTK –Finnish Confederation for Professionals


SAK- Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions