Multicultural Centres and Associations

Multicultural Centres are easily approachable meeting places that offer information, support and opportunities to participate in various activities. They offer different kinds of courses (for example Finnish language courses), have a wide variety of clubs and organise all kinds of multicultural events. You can either take part in the activities or do volunteer work at a Multicultural Centre.

JoMoni (Joensuu district multicultural association)
The association's intention is to promote multicultural diversity and to prevent immigrants from being discriminated and isolated. The association is open to people of all origins, nationalities, religions and political views.

The association organises cultural and recreational events, seminars, press conferences and other activities that bring people of different background together. The association helps immigrants around the Joensuu area deal with various authorities and bureaucracy issues as well as informs about multicultural diversity.

Multicultural Centre Kompassi

Address: Kauppakatu 40-42