Mobile Phones

In Finland, everyone uses a mobile phone and this is why there are no public coin-operated telephone booths. Unless you already have a mobile phone, it is definitely worth considering buying one for yourself as well, because getting a landline is very expensive. Mobile phone shops and second-hand shops usually sell second hand phones at reasonable prices. 

The easiest way to get a mobile phone account is to buy a pre-paid phone card (SIM card) for your mobile phone in a local R-Kioski (by typing the name of the city you can get a list of R-kiosk in the city of your choice). When you run out of airtime, you can top up your pre-paid card either with a voucher or online. Tariffs on a prepaid phone account are often not as cheap as on monthly subscriptions, but offer an easy way to communicate when you first arrive in Finland. 

You can get a monthly subscription with a Finnish mobile phone operator (e.g. Sonera, Elisa, DNA, Saunalahti). However, you are required to have proven and stable credit history and a Finnish personal identity code, or pay a deposit of €300-600.

To dial abroad, please dial + to get the international prefix, then the country code and the number you are calling. Note that the first number of the area code/phone number (often 0) is usually omitted in international phone calls.

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