Finland was the first country in the world to declare broadband Internet access a legal right. Service is very reliable and it does not suffer as the network usage increases. There is usually no limit on how much you can download data and no "excess" fees or reductions in connection speeds. Please note that there are data limitations if you are using the Internet via a mobile phone. 

To get Internet connection at your home, please visit an internet service provider's shop in your town. Here are some of the most common internet service providers:

You can access the Internet at the university when you get the username and password for the university's IT services. There is a WLAN network on all campuses.

Local public libraries also have computers with Internet connection for your use. Please note that you have to make a reservation for the computer beforehand, and usually you can use the computer for an hour at a time. Internet cafes are not common in Finland, because most people have an Internet connection at home. There are some cafes and bars etc. with Internet connection in the city centre.

Almost all restaurants and cafés offer a WiFi connection. Please ask the waiter/cashier for the password when you purchase your food/drinks.

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