Crisis and other Distressing Situations

We sincerely hope that your stay in Finland will be happy and rewarding, without any adversities and hardships. But one can never know what will happen either here in Finland or to your family and friends abroad. Sudden and unexpected events can lead to crisis situations. These can be, for example, accidents, death of someone close, violence in the family, illness, difficulties in the relationship, homelessness, difficulties relating to different cultures and other surprising changes in life. There are also events relating to different stages and phases of life that are all part of the everyday life, but may cause a crisis situation.

In such distressing situations you may turn to occupational health care services provided by Terveystalo or Crisis Centres (Kriisikeskus). You can call the Crisis Centre (also anonymously) if you need someone to listen. You can also make an appointment with a crisis worker.

Joensuu Crisis Centre
Address: Siltakatu 14 B 14, 2nd floor
E-mail: toimisto(at)

Kuopio Crisis Centre
Suokatu 27
Appointments (017) 262 7733, Mon – Fri  8 – 10

Savonlinna Crisis Centre
Olavinkatu 40 A, 2nd floor
Appointments. +358 (0) 440-273 700