Cost of Living

The cost of living is relatively high in Finland, though comparable to the EU average. In comparison to the Helsinki metropolitan area, however, accommodation and other living costs are lower in eastern Finland.

When applying for your residence permit (non-EU/EEA citizens) you need to show that you have secure means of support.

  • if you are in employment relationship, your gross salary must be at least EUR 1,236 per month
  • If you not in an employment relationship and work on a grant or self-finance your stay, you must have at least EUR 1,000 per month
  • For your accompanying spouse, the required sum is €700/month (€8 400 /year)
  • For a first child €500/month (€6000/year), second child €400/month (€4800/year). For example, if the family consists of two adults and two minor children, the required income totals €2,600 per month (€1,000+€700+€500+€400).

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