Annual Holiday

Annual holiday regulations depend on whether you belong to the staff catecory of "reseach and teaching staff" or "other staff".

Length of annual holiday and leave-earning

Research and teaching staff

Teachers' and researchers' annual working time 1621 hours covers the academic year from August 1 to July 31 next year. 1621 hours are specifically working hours; holidays are in addition to this. Teachers' and researchers' holidays need not be written in the work plan or in the unit's holiday lists. It is of course polite to arrange holiday times with your manager.

Although the holiday periods are not written in the work plan or recorded in the personnel system, it is important that also the researchers and teachers allocate their holidays in SoleTM. Hours allocated in SoleTM are used in cost accounting on University level. When employees do not allocate their holidays, the total of recorded indirect working hours in the university is too low, and consequently the personnel overhead is too low.  This cuts down the funding applied for in the full cost model.

Regulations on annual holidays, excluding the regulations pertaining to holiday bonus, are not applied to persons who are subject to the working time regulations for the teaching and research staff (annual workload of 1,621 hours) or to the regulations for the teaching staff at teacher training schools.

Other staff (administrative and auxialliary staff)

The annual holiday is defined on the basis of the leave-earning year, which is a 12-month period ending at the end of March before the upcoming leave-taking period. A completed leave-earning month shall be a calendar month during which the employee has been at work for a minimum of 14 days.The leave-taking period begins on 1 June and ends on 30 September.

The length of an employee's annual holiday is determined according to the number of months or years that the employee has worked for the UEF.

For more detailed information on annual holiday procedures, exchanging holiday's bonus for time off and saved leaves and please see general information on holidays in Heimo.