Student selection process

The merits of an applicant are evaluated on the basis of the sent documents, previous studies and grades, and possible interviews with the applicant. An evaluated motivation, fit for the programme, and a capability to study in a foreign environment will also be used as selection criteria. Valid applications will be ranked based on the aforementioned merits and on the experts' evaluation, with the following evaluation criteria:

1.    Academic grades of Computer Science or other relevant courses
2.    Prestige and level of the home university
3.    Relevant studies and other background
4.    Letter of recommendation
5.    Motivation

Points (0 – 5) are given to these five sections, and eligible applicants with best selection points will be selected to study in the programme.

Students who have been accepted will receive the certificate of admission as a pdf copy by email, as soon as the results are public. Studies will begin in the beginning of September 2020, with orientation programme. Rejected applicants will be informed by email. Please note that we won't be able to answer any queries related to your application status before we have the official decision, so please be patient, you will definitely hear from us in due course of time.

Admission results will be published at latest on March 27, 2020.