Hints for applicants

Here you can find some tips that may be useful when drafting your IMPIT application. The list will be updated, so check back at other times too. Leave comments and questions using our FB page!

1. Do not include primary/high/secondary school certificates

These often play no role in selection, and make the decision of the admission committee harder.

2. Do not use an agent to submit on your behalf

We are receiving hundreds of applications annually, but still spot immediately whether the application was prepared by the applicant or by an agency. The later ones are often not regarded as showing maturity, integrity and trust in the applicant.

3. Read carefully the application form and instructions

Many applications receive a lower score because they do not contain all necessary information.

4. Show an interesting information about you

If two applications receive same score and are around the acceptance bar, one of the information that may help in positive decision concerns some peculiar yet important information about the applicants, compared to a non-interesting, template matching information. Have you won a competition? Have you published a scientific paper? Are you recognized by your community? Bring it on.

5. Do not overpraise IMPIT, UEF & Finland

We know we are good. We are however interested what you think about us, not what you think we would like to hear about us.

6. Details matter

Although IMPIT accepts independent thinkers, stating that you are applying for the University of Oulu in your motivation letter does not significantly increase your change of getting accepted. Similarly, if your documents such as recommendation are outdated or not dated at all, it will raise our eyebrows -- which you certainly do not want.

7. Background research pays back

If you are genuinely interested in UEF and IMPIT, remember to show it. Check the research fields at UEF, and your areas of interest at the School of Computing, and mention them in the motivation letter. Do you have connections to the UEF already, and what makes you choose IMPIT in particular?

8. Submit high-quality documents

It is very hard to decipher information from a tenth copy of a copy of a printed recommendation letter. We are interested in all papers submitted to us and wish that applicant can spend efforts in obtaining the recent, stampled, signed, freshly printed documents. Just saying.

9. Write your own motivation letter

We would like to hear about your real motivation, with your own words. There are many letter templates available online, but we don't recommend to use them, and they are easy to detect. Using a template with perfect language is not what we are looking for!

10. Make an interesting introductory video

Maximum length of the video is 2 min, use the time for your benefit. Tell us about yourself and your background and your motivation to study in IMPIT program. Be clear and think what you really want to say to us before you make the video.