IMPIT-curriculum, 120 ECTS

The curriculum for IMPIT students is designed personally for each student according to general requirements and courses available. The teaching is given in four periods and the courses are measured as European ECTS credit points (ECTS=European Credit Transfer System). In grading, we use the European 6-grade system.

Code Course name Credits
3622321 Probabilistic inference for Data Science 1 (earlier called as Introduction to Statistical Inference 1) 5
3621112 MSc personal study plan 1
  Optional and minor subject studies, including language studies 0-18

Advanced studies in computer science, minimum of 96 ECTS

3621511 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 6
3621566 IMPIT-seminar 3-6
3621535 Master's Project in Computer Science  (IT-project) 10-20
3621592/3 MSc thesis and maturity exam 30

Other advanced level studies in computer science to fulfil
the minimum of 96 ECTS.



To fulfill the minimum requirement of 120 credits optional and/or minor subject studies can be included to the curriculum. Please check list of suggested courses here