The eligibility criteria for the next intake (studies starting in September 2021) will be published later this year.  However, the eligibility criteria and the application procedure will not change much.


Selection Process

Applications that satisfy the eligibility criteria will be put through a subsequent evaluation process in order to determine which applicants are selected for admission to the programme. The applicants that fulfil the above requirement of previous studies and English language skills are ranked according to the criteria below.
Applicant may obtain a maximum of 30 admission points. The eligible applicants will be evaluated according to the following principles:

1. Motivation
 Letter of motivation in English according to the following criteria (Max. 1000 words as a whole:

•    A short introduction of the applicant (degrees and studies, current professional activity, special academic and professional merits) (0-1 point)
•    Reasons for applying to the programme (0-2 points)
•    Career plans after graduation (0-2 points)
•    International experience and interests (0-2 points)
•    What kind of topic or topics would you be interested in studying in your master’s thesis? (max. 250 words of 1000) (0-3 points)

2. Suitability of the earlier studies for the Master's programme
Previous studies according to the following criteria:
Relevant previous studies in the fields of International Business, Sales, Sales Management and/or Marketing (including bachelor's thesis or equivalent):
•    60 ECTS or more: 10 points
•    40-59 ECTS: 5 points
•    Less than  40 ECTS: 0 points

3. Average of the suitable previous studies (including bachelor's thesis or equivalent):
•    4,0 or more: 5 points
•    3,0-3,99: 3 points
•    2,99 or less: 0 points

A separate list of the relevant previous studies with a calculation of the average of the above- mentioned studies must be provided on the online application form. If the calculation does not follow the ECTS grading system, it will be converted accordingly. If the grading is other than 1-5, it will be converted to 1-5.

4.The better of the following criteria is considered (a or b):

a.    Bachelor's thesis (or equivalent) grade:

•    4,0 or more: 5 points
•    3,0-3,99: 3 points
•    2,99 or less: 0 points

In case there is no final thesis grade included in the degree or if your admission is conditional:
Grade point average (GPA) as follows:

•    4,0 or more: 5 points
•    3,0-3,99: 3 points
•    2,99 or less: 0 points

The grade point average must either be given in the degree certificate or a separate, certified calculation must be enclosed, otherwise the applicant receives 0 points. If the applicant’s GPA does not follow the ECTS grading system, it will be converted accordingly.

b. Applicants can obtain  points from a Graduate Management Admission Test ( based on their GMAT score:

o    score 600 or more = 5 points
o    score 501 - 599 = 3 points
o    score 500 or less = 0 points

Please note that it takes 20 calendar days for you to receive a GMAT score after completing the test.


Application procedure

Online applications are to be submitted through Studyinfo portal ( Once you have filled out the online application, required enclosures must be uploaded electronically to the application (recommended file types pdf and jpeg, max. file size 10 MB) until 29 January 2020 at 15.00 (GMT+2).

All available study programmes in Finland can be found on the Studyinfo portal where applicants can search for suitable programmes and start the application. The online application is only open during the application period.

Country-specific requirements will be announced at

Applicants are required to prioritize one program over the others, if they apply for more than one program from the UEF’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies. If applicants are admitted to all the programs of their choice, a study place will only be offered for the prioritized program, cancelling the study place from the other programs.