Current activities

The PhD dissertation of BM Kasper KatiskoAlterations of Immune System Function in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration – Emphasis on Comorbidities and Peripheral Inflammatory Marker” takes place on Oct 25, 2019

2nd FinFTD Symposium

The 2nd FinFTD symposium took place in Kuopio 13.9.2019.  Altogether approximately 70 researchers, healthcare professionals, and collaborators participated in the symposium. The programme included keynote talks by two international experts, short talks, as well as data blitz and poster presentations by members of the FinFTD research network and other researchers, and a possibility for networking.

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2nd FinFTD symposium web pages:

1st FInFTD Symposim

The first FinFTD meeting was organized on April 26, 2016 in Mediteknia, Kuopio. Ongoing research projects in the clinical, biomarker, and mechanistic studies on FTD at UEF were presented by the participating research groups.