Master's Degree Programme in Environmental Policy and Law (120 cp)

Two-year, fulltime Master's programme taught at the University of Eastern Finland, Law School,
Joensuu Campus, Joensuu, Finland.

Master's degree comprises 120 ECTS credits (cp) and takes approx 2 years of full-time studying.

• The degree consists of a major subject (100 cp) and elective studies (20 cp). Also some orientation studies and a Master's thesis are included.

• There are no restrictions concerning the maximum amount of credits.

• The language of the programme is English. Students are required to complete at least 80 % of the courses in English.


Students successfully completing the programme are awarded with one of the following degrees, depending on their previous degrees and major:

1) Master in Social Sciences (MSocSc)
2) Master of International and Comparative Law (MICL)

(3) Finnish Master of Laws (OTM) in accordance with specified criteria*)

*If the student has completed a Finnish Bachelor of Laws degree (ON, oikeusnotaari) the student completes a Finnish Master of Laws (OTM, oikeustieteen maisteri) degree.

In Finland, the MICL degree does not qualify for positions in the judiciary or to practice law (e.g. as a judge or a lawyer). For such positions, a Finnish Master of Laws degree (oikeustieteen maisteri, OTM) is required. 

About the degree

Read details about the degrees that are granted from this programme.

Degree structures

You may find the degree structures from the previous years under the following links and in the left-hand-side navigation. Please make sure you will follow the structure of the year your studies commenced:

How to plan your studies

Here you may find instructions on how to plan your studies, starting from the beginning of your (introductory) courses, moving on to choice of major and major-specific courses and alternatives to minor studies.

Study methods

Here you will find instructions and basic descriptions on the study methods used in our master's degree programme. On this page you will find tips e.g. on how to write a good exam answer.


Here you will find general instructions related to your studies in the programme.

Master's thesis and graduation

This is a useful and important page for all students planning/writing their master's thesis. Here you will find the abstract blanco model, instructions and course codes for the master's thesis seminars, guidance on how to submit your thesis to formal evaluation and instructions for the graduation process.

Practical training

This page contains useful information regarding practical training, including instructions for the training report for students that have completed their training.

Exchange students

Information for exchange students interested in studying our courses!

Counselling and Guidance

This page contains information on who to contact in different questions related to your studies and study administration.