Master's Degree Programme in
Environmental Policy and Law

Are you looking to become an expert on key policy and legal aspects of global, regional and local environmental challenges? Climate change has become one of the defining issues of our generation, and the uncertain future availability of natural resources – including forests, food, water, energy and minerals – poses unprecedented socio-economic and environmental challenges and opportunities. Achieving sustainable development requires strong and in-depth knowledge of multi-level and multi-actor governance, legal and regulatory institutions, and social and community practices. If you’re interested, our Master's Degree Programme in Environmental Policy and Law, is for you!

Programme overview

The Master's Degree Programme in Environmental Policy and Law is a multidisciplinary two-year programme that combines group teaching and independent research with the objective of providing participants with professional skills in environmental law and policy. The programme consists of advanced study of law and policy in relation to the environment, climate change and natural resources.

All students will complete basic courses on environmental law and environmental policy. They will choose between two alternative majors: Natural Resources Governance or Environmental and Climate Change Law.

1) Natural Resources Governance: The scientific background for the major is environmental policy which offers the social scientific perspective to current environmental problems and their solutions. Within the major, you can specialise in global and local governance issues and in policy formulation and implementation. Your target degree will be Master of Social Sciences (MSocSc).
2) Environmental and Climate Change Law: Environmental law includes a number of specialized areas of legal practice, such as climate change law and natural resources law.  Environmental lawyers can also specialize in international legal issues, EU law or national environmental legislation. Your target degree will be Master of International and Comparative Law (MICL).

Who we are?

The Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change is a joint Master's degree programme organized between two disciplines; environmental law and environmental policy. The Master's degree programme is fully administrated through the UEF Law School, although the environmental policy major is based at the UEF Department of Geographical and Historical Studies.

In addition, the programme is part of the Centre for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL), established in 2013. UEF Law School is the leading Finnish research institution in the area of natural resources, climate change, energy and environmental law. The CCEEL brings together a range of activities from UEF Law School and provides a common platform for discussion, research and education.

The programme also benefits from the research and education network of the Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society (LYY) operating at the UEF, representing several disciplines including geography, forest economics and policy, environmental law, history, aesthetics and policy, sociology, education, and tourism studies.

The LYY network brings together the expertise of researchers from a variety of traditional and new fields of study to craft socio-cultural scrutiny of the environment and the use of its resources, with the results  then offered to the world. The Institute's researcher network includes over 100 researchers and postgraduate students, as well as 12 professors, representing several disciplines including geography, forest economics and policy, environmental law, history, aesthetics, and policy, sociology, education and tourism studies.


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