Global Foodnet-Ancient Crops for Food Security

The network ‘Global Foodnet – Ancient Crops for Food Security' brings together actors in higher education in Peru, Kenya and  Finland, for the purpose of capacity building, enhancing mobility between educational institutions and encompasses management of agricultural resources and new food product development with the aim of enhancing food and nutrition security.

The aim is to build capacity in value chain management, food product development, food and nutrition security and entrepreneurship. through training trainers and experts and exchange information on best practices in amaranth and quinoa utilization, product development and value-chain creation. The pursuit is to engage in a spirit of co-creation where each partner higher education institution brings expertise from their specific region to an intercontinental stage to participate in value creation in a process that entails dialogue, access, transparency and understanding of risk-benefits.

Links between the members of the network, research institutions and enterprises will be formed to boost the impact of activities that develop education and research of ancient crops in the interest of addressing the challenges of food and nutrition insecurity on a global level. The project has the following main goals:

  • To strengthen training courses in value chain management, food product development, food and nutrition security, including development of teaching and teaching materials, widening the perspectives of teaching in international settings, development of expertise in both the North and the South on the utilization of the ancient crops
  • To increase awareness and educate agriculture professionals and food development practitioners and educators, on best practices, novel methods in food production and rural livelihoods development through entrepreneurship.
  • To disseminate information of best practices and novel methods for food product development between the partners and stakeholders in the sector, education and research institutes, civil society and enterprises on 3 continents.

The Global Foodnet network activities in 2014-2015 include:

  • a mobility programme targeted to undergraduate and graduate student and staff members in the partner HEIs in the Kenya, Peru and Finland
  • 2 intensive courses "Food Innovation from Farm to Fork through Co-creation' in Peru and in Kenya.
  • 2 workshops in Peru and in Kenya, to disseminate the information gathered during the course to external stakeholders and partners

The partner institutions in the network Global Foodnet are:

University of Eastern Finland/Finland (UEF) (co-ordinating institution)

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina /Peru (UNALM)

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology/Kenya (JKUAT)

The network ‘Global Foodnet – Ancient Crops for Food is funded by the North-South-South Higher Education Institute Network programme co-ordinated by the Centre of International Mobility (CIMO).

Further information: Roseanna Avento