Tuula Honkonen

Dr. Tuula Honkonen works as a post doc researcher at the UEF Law School. She is specialized in international environmental law and policy, having completed her Ph.D on the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities in 2008. Since then, she has participated in several research projects on different themes of international environmental law, ranging from the regulation of mining in Central Asia and the national implementation of international genetic resources regulation, to international water law and transboundary water agreements and to the future of international chemicals and waste management. Her specific current research interests lie in the dynamics of multilateral environmental agreements, natural resources governance (especially genetic resources and transboundary waters) and climate change issues. In addition to research, Dr. Honkonen has experience in teaching, journal editing, consultancy work and the preparation of training materials and exercises for international environmental law-making courses.

Dr. Honkonen has adopted a multidisciplinary research approach which covers not only legal analysis but strongly incorporates also regulatory and policy-making aspects. In her research, she seeks to combine the legal perspective to practical policy-making, both and the national and international levels.

Key publications

Tuula Honkonen: Water Security and Climate Change: the Need for Adaptive Governance, 2017 (20) Potchefstroom Electronic Law Review (2017) p. 1-26.

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Tuula Honkonen: Nagoyan pöytäkirjan ja EU:n geenivara-asetuksen täytäntöönpano eräissä maissa, selvitys Ympäristöministeriölle [Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol and the EU Regulation on genetic resources in certain countries’], a report for the Finnish Ministry of the Environment (2014).

Tuula Honkonen: Nagoyan pöytäkirjan kansallisen voimaansaattamisen edellyttämät vähimmäisvaatimukset Suomen kannalta [Minimum requirements for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in Finland], a report for the Finnish Ministry of the Environment (2013), <http://www.ym.fi/download/noname/%7B4C110A17-74E8-436A-85CF-4117D8A0FCB5%7D/96243>.

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